LETTERS: Remove the statues!

LETTERS: Remove the statues!


Remove the statues!


I have heard a lot of talk about the removal of Confederate monuments. Some of the arguments for keeping them are just plain wrong, but some of the reasons for taking them down are missing the point.

First and foremost is that the monuments should not have been erected in the first place. These are monuments that “honor” those that took up arms against the USA. Confederate soldiers were engaged in a treasonous conflict and as such were indeed traitors to the country. It was only because of the benevolence of Grant that the CSA generals escaped the gallows.

This was not the first rebellion against the USA. For example, Shays’ Rebellion, 1786-87; The Whiskey Rebellion, 1791-94; Fries Rebellion, 1799-1800; German Coast Uprising, 1811; Anti-Rent war, 1840; Taos Revolt, 1847; John Brown’s Revolt, 1859; The Battle of Liberty Place, 1874; The Election Riot, 1874; Wilmington Insurrection, 1898; and the Green Corn Rebellion, 1917.

These were all traitorous acts, and I dare anyone to point out a monument to any of these rebellions or their leaders, because there is nothing honorable about treason. Would anyone want to erect a monument to Benedict Arnold?

Those who want the monuments to stay, like our current president, who say it is taking away or rewriting history, are just lying. The removal of these monuments will not erase the Civil War. Will not erase the blood that was shed. Will not erase the fact that the CSA took up arms against the USA. One can’t “erase” history. Also, this is not a free-speech issue. No one is saying you cannot recognize any Confederate general if you please, just as I am free to say you are honoring traitors, and figuratively spitting on the graves of every Union soldier’s grave.

Take those Confederate monuments down now.

Roy Bellante, Cheshire

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