LETTERS: State budget / RJ editorial page / State Rep. Abercrombie / Mayor Scarpati / Rohde responds

LETTERS: State budget / RJ editorial page / State Rep. Abercrombie / Mayor Scarpati / Rohde responds


Majority owns blame


I am writing to express my disappointment in the Connecticut state legislature, especially the Democratic majority party. I sit here in late August and there is still no budget. Schools won’t receive funding, vital services are on the chopping block and a budget hasn’t even been voted on yet.

There has been political posturing between both parties but the majority of the blame falls on the one with more seats in both houses (if you include Lt. Governor Wyman). It’s painfully obvious to anyone paying attention that the Democrats don’t want to own this budget because they believe it will hurt them politically in the 2018 elections. Well call me crazy but if the budget is going to hurt you in the election cycle, maybe what’s in it is bad for the people you’re supposed to represent.

The Democrats need to step up and either work with Republicans and actually offer a budget that has real compromises in it or they can create and pass a budget all on their own like they have been for the past 25 years. What they cannot do is continue to stall holding Connecticut’s residents hostage while Governor Malloy runs the state by executive order.

It is my sincere hope that some Democratic legislators read this, you’re on the clock, it’s time you look out for the best interests of the people you were elected to represent, not just your own political ones.

Eric J. Rigoli, Wallingford

Fairness appreciated


In these volatile, politically charged times, it is easy to become disenchanted with the media. Both the print and electronic media outlets often report the news through their own ideological filter. They over-report or exaggerate stories that further their agenda, and under-report or ignore stories that would challenge their beliefs. In some cases these outlets present little more than “flag waving,” that is, reporting the news to like-minded people in a way that they want to hear it. Their targeted audience listens to the news as the outlets present it, and it makes them feel good by reinforcing what they already believe. The lines between hard news and editorial comment have been all but erased.

Freedom of speech is under assault in America today, particularly if you are a conservative with traditional values. When conservatives are invited to college campuses to speak, they are often met with demonstrators who shout them down or in some cases, prevent them from speaking altogether with threats or acts of violence. On television we see successful conservative news commentators being forced off the air, and even a highly rated sit-com like “Last Man Standing” canceled, perhaps because the star was a conservative.

I would like to commend however my local newspaper, The Record-Journal. While in my opinion, the RJ leans left, it offers its readers editorial comment by both liberal and conservative writers. It even carries a conservative cartoon. From a personal perspective, I have always been allowed to have my say in the reader’s opinion section and for that I thank the editorial boards of the RJ, both past and present. Your fairness has always been appreciated.

George Stowell, Wallingford

When will this stop?


This state is doomed. The Democrats are once again talking about raising taxes. These politicians don’t get it. There are people moving out of this tax-me state. Retired folks are moving out and so are our young folks who are college grads. They can’t make it here. Our kids are getting cheated out a good education. These politicians put the kids last. There are not-for-profits that help people as well. These are group homes for special needs. There is also lack of help for senior citizens. Prescription drug prices are out of control. Some cannot afford their medications or food. They have to make choices they shouldn’t have to make. Health care is not affordable. Insurance companies are price gouging policy holders. When is this going to stop? They need to come up with a practical budget to benefit everyone. Maybe they can start by cutting their own paychecks and their healthcare. Put them in the same situations that we are in. Maybe then they may come up with a presentable budget. I’m so glad Governor Malloy decided not to run again. He wouldn’t get elected. He’s probably going to move out of the state of Connecticut. Time will tell. That’s all I can say is, bye bye Governor Malloy.

I would like to thank Lenny Suzio for all of his help. He is one of the best senators we had in a long time. He truly cares about us and the state of Connecticut and all its citizens.

Debra Belancik, Meriden

No more cuts? Really?


Tax hike aficionado Cathy Abercrombie says some amazing things (“Advocates rally in Hartford, urge budget action to protect nonprofits,” Aug. 23). The Democratic state representative wants another tax hike. Yes, another tax hike. Why? “The reality is there’s no more cuts to be made,” she says. Rep. Abercrombie, please. Throughout the state government, there’s no wasted money? No fat whatsoever in the entire bureaucracy? None? I urge Berlin and Meriden voters to cancel Abercrombie’s “reality” show in the next election.

E. Jonathan Hardy, Meriden

Putting himself first


Why are struggling Meriden taxpayers on the hook to pay for Mayor Scarpati’s car rental to Harrisburg, Pa. (R-J, 8/11)? The mayor role is ceremonial with some minimal authority. Scarpati wants to travel, he should pay his own bills. The last two years Scarpati has not kept his campaign promise, “Putting You First,” only himself. In November we need change. Please join me in voting for Irene Masse for mayor.

Brian Welskopp, Meriden

Where are you, Joe?


In 1985 I purchased a Raleigh Roadster bicycle at a Congregational Church auction in Wallingford. I used it for many years and then sold it in 2002. I was able to get it back several years ago and finally refurbished it so that I am now enjoying it. The original owner had wanted to make the bicycle visible at night and so he placed reflective tape on the frame and the handle bars. On the rear fender he also placed his name, “JOE.”

I would like to locate Joe so that he can at least see it and hopefully take it for a ride. If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please contact me at townca2005@gmail.com.

David G. Parent, Wallingford

Say something positive


I read the Record-Journal column by disgruntled former Democrat Anna Neumon (8/27). I’m happy to see she reads my columns about the many great people, places, and events in Meriden. Maybe, for a change, she will take notice and finally say something positive about our city.

Michael S. Rohde, Meriden

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