LETTERS: Global warming / Trump and Russia / Durham Fair

LETTERS: Global warming / Trump and Russia / Durham Fair


Draining resources



Instead of continually draining scarce resources from citizens in the form of charitable contributions (investments), or tax dollars used to subsidize development in disaster prone environments (which actually expand as a result of refunding), why not support efforts aimed at preventing these man-made catastrophes in the first place? When it involves a healthy diet or disease prevention we listen to science. Why, in the face of increasingly severe consequences, do we ignore climate science in favor of political theater? Whether man made or not, submerged metropolitan districts have a bigger economic impact than any number of lost coal jobs, or the expense of transitioning to safe energy. Instead of stopping at the “feel good” temporary charitable donation, try some political “tough-love” and support advocates of clean, renewable, energy. Or, you can continue to subsidize fossil fuel impacted communities, and not just Houston, but Bridgeport, Miami, Standing Rock and neighborhoods everywhere.

David James, Meriden



As a child of the 1950’s, the threat of the Cold War and Russia’s world dominance is still a fear that many of us share. Trump’s unusual relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin is very confusing to some. Why does Trump continue to deny Putin’s interference in our presidential election? The intelligence community has issued a report that Putin did conspire to damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign and to influence public opinion to give Trump a political advantage. Perhaps, they fear that they could not control her like they can Trump? This is more than just affecting our presidential election. It is an assault upon our democracy and Congress. Will Trump’s temperament, his immature impulsive behavior and his desire to punish those who challenge his ideas and whims really be an asset for the most powerful leader of the developed world?

Unfortunately, I see the next four years as a time of uncertainty. With a shoot from the hip type of leadership, it will take a tremendous amount of effort to keep Trump from harming our country. How long will it take for him to become frustrated and totally turn over most aspects of his presidential responsibility to those around him as he looks for other new experiences and ventures that will continue to feed his large childish ego. Perhaps a windmill he can joust with or a wall between us and Mexico. He had made us the laughing stock of the world with his antics and, by the way, America’s “is” already great. Thank you.

Edward “Ned” DeRosa, Meriden

Other species


According to the Durham Fair website, “all animals and articles exhibited at the Fair must be the property of the exhibitor,” and “the Durham Agricultural Fair expects that all animals will be treated in a humane manner.”

The word “livestock,” which refers to the animals who’ll be on exhibit at the fair, is defined by Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged, as “animals of any kind kept or raised for use or pleasure.”

Other species are not our “property,” no matter what rationalizations we come up with to make ourselves feel better about using them. That we further rationalize our domination of other species by telling ourselves that that use is “humane” puts even more distance between their interests and ours.

Some will insist that using other species is some sort of evolutionary prize, or that other species exist for us to use as necessary and as we see fit.

Imagine being brought into this world to be someone’s “property,” to be used and marched onto the killing floor to face a knife across the throat. Imagine being a victim of that indifference, that cruelty. Some will insist that other species don’t know any better, don’t know fear or suffering, don’t have interests that transcend the moment.

But they do know better. They don’t want to face the knife any more than we do. They experience fear and suffering just as we would in their place.

Their interests are not for us to determine. We should stop bringing them into this world to serve ours.

David Brensilver, Waterford


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