LETTERS: Southington middle school sports / Air pollution / State government /Meriden politics

LETTERS: Southington middle school sports / Air pollution / State government /Meriden politics


Sports vs. English


When it was announced last spring that middle school sports in Southington wouldn’t be funded, my mom expressed her dismay. I said, “Mom, trust me; they will drop English and math before they’ll let sports go.” And voila! Funding raised and/or restored! Wonder if the community would have done that for an English class?

Linda Zamoic Hayes, Southington

A not-so-idle thought


I was glad to see the press release last week regarding safety for students walking to school and for increased driver awareness, now that the school year has begun. I would like to call attention to another very important back-to-school health and safety issue that affects everyone in our communities: the lineup of idling cars at school bus stops.

Today’s cars have electronic engines that do not save gas or wear and tear by idling instead of stopping, then starting. Idle for more than 10 seconds and you have wasted as much gas and money, and have contributed as many pollutants to the air and atmosphere linked to asthma, bronchitis, heart disease, cancer, and climate change as driving would. (For further information, check out the Environmental Defense Fund’s information page: https://www.edf.org/climate/reports/idling)

Equally important, children and adults benefit from dressing appropriately for the weather and waiting outside in the fresh air. We get vitamin D from the sun and connect to our environment and appreciate the changing seasons we enjoy here in CT. We interact with and form relationships with others in our neighborhoods. In addition, if students are outside of their cars with backpacks at the ready, when the school bus stops for them they are ready to board. This will make for shorter bus routes and less bus idling, as well as shorter idling for cars stopped on the road for the bus.

Of course, there are days when the weather is simply frightful, and waiting outside isn’t an option. But if you’ve gotten to know your neighbors and your children know each other, maybe only one or two cars-full will be waiting for the bus together, with windows cracked and the warmth of friends making the wait so much more fun for our students and healthier for the Earth.

Leslie Bulion, Durham

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