LETTERS: Pat Wall Field in Wallingford

LETTERS: Pat Wall Field in Wallingford


Making a difference


In November of 2014 a plan for needed additional parking and upgrades for Pat Wall Field was presented personally by the mayor to the town council. The plan called for the purchase of a vacated house and land adjacent to the field for $135,000.00 plus costs for teardown, repaving and landscaping.

One problem, though, the neighbors led by Jaime Hine had major questions and reservations. The council conditionally passed the purchase despite these objections. Next was Planning and Zoning approval and once again Jaime Hine spoke up for his neighbors. Fortunately, Planning and Zoning also had reservations, sending the proposal back to the council and mayor for revisions.

Long story, shortly told, the town engineer after a lengthy presentation revealed that the parking expansion could be done on existing town land without the purchase of this property. Without Jaime Hine standing up and questioning this purchase, the town would have spent $135,000.00, plus additional costs and would have forfeited taxes that were paid on that property.

One citizen can make a difference. Jaime Hine made a difference not only for his family, his neighbors, but for his community, helping the town save money and solving the parking problem.

That could have ended the story, but Jaime Hine had experienced the difficulty of not being heard by our local government. He got involved and attended meetings, speaking out when someone was not being heard or when the governmental process was flawed. This attendance led to his appointment to the Zoning Board of Appeals, where he now serves.

After much consideration, Jaime Hine felt there was more he could contribute and has announced his candidacy for Town Councilor. Public service, representing all, encouraging participation are the values Jaime Hine brings to the community. For the people of Wallingford, vote Jaime Hine, November 7.

Larry Morgenstein, Wallingford

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