LETTERS: If the current president was a Democrat, I would no longer be one

LETTERS: If the current president was a Democrat, I would no longer be one


Trump is the problem


The conventional wisdom is that national events have little impact on local elections. I wonder if that will be true. In November, Republicans supported a presidential candidate who stated Mexican immigrants are rapists. They supported a candidate who stated that he would just sexually assault a woman if he found her attractive. These same people believe that there were more people at Trump’s inauguration than at Obama’s 2008 (easily proven false), that Hillary was responsible for Benghazi (multiple Republican led congressional investigations and millions of dollars spent proved this to be false), believe that 3-5 million illegal votes were cast in 2016 (while presenting no factual data), and while benefiting every day from modern medicine and modern technology (brought to you by scientists), fully believe that 96 percent of climate scientists and every major scientific organization in the world are wrong about global warming. As I write this Harvey has just faded and Irma will most likely hit Florida as a Category 5 storm. We recently witnessed the current occupant of the White House behaving like a child, getting into a name-calling game and making threats to a third-world, nuclear-missile-armed, despot. And just now, the current president has set in motion events that will deport young men and women who have been in this country since they were young children. These people facing deportation believe in America. They have no connection to the home country their parents fled from. They may not even speak the language. They are not criminals; they have jobs, pay taxes, go to college and contribute to society. They are now of the age where they have children. So now we are breaking up families! Disgusting! If the current president was a Democrat, I would no longer be one.

Peter N. Hargett, Meriden

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