LETTERS: Political letters from Wallingford

LETTERS: Political letters from Wallingford


Vote for Liu


Every two years Wallingford goes to the polls to determine local representation. Two years ago, Wallingford did not have a chance to choose between two candidates for mayor. Choice and comparison are key to a healthy political environment and community. This election Wallingford will have that choice.

The Democratic Party of Wallingford has endorsed Jared Liu as their mayoral candidate. Mr. Liu was born and raised in Wallingford. His parents are involved in this community, one in education, the other in youth sports. His parents instilled the values of community and service in their children. It was these values and commitments that led Mr. Liu to choose Wallingford as the community to raise his three children in, along with his wife Kristin. It was also these values that motivated Mr. Liu to take the next step and serve his community as he saw others do.

Wallingford is a great town, it can be better. Thirty-four years of service is honorable and noteworthy but with this comes complacency. A complacency in governance, a complacency in vision and a complacency in not listening closely as the community has changed. Mr. Liu will listen, he will delegate and he will market the town to advantage. The challenges Wallingford faces in 2017 are not the challenges of 1985 or 2000 or 2005. The world and the state as well as the town have to adapt to changes. Mr. Liu in his work at Bank of America, Choate and at Yale has the institutional experience in world markets and technology to meet these challenges. But most of all Mr. Liu has roots here. He was a paper boy, a member of local congregations and a product of our schools. Let’s honor service but move to the future. Vote Jared Liu in November.

Stephen Monroe Tomczak, Wallingford

Vote no on changes


This November will be election time and on the ballot will be one question about changes to our town charter, either yes for changes or no for changes, I encourage the voters to vote NO for the changes. For one reason, a majority of town council members feel that having more than one question on the ballot would confuse us, the voters, I find that very insulting, and so should you. I think voters of this town have the mental capacity to understand what they are voting on or for, we have the capacity to vote for nine council members, nine BOE members, a mayor, and yet the majority of current town council members think that the changes to the town charter are beyond our capacity to understand and that they needed to dumb down the process for us, the voters, to a simple yes or no. While most of the changes are very minor, a couple of the changes shift responsibility from the Town Council and Inland Wetlands Commission to the mayor, these are major shifts, a major shift that was not part of the charter change is increasing the PUC to five commissioners, against the wishes of the town council the charter revision commission did not include this change as part of their package. But the council voted to except their recommended changes anyway. The charter commission’s thoughts were if it’s not broken why fix it, well the same could be said about the changes from the Inland Wetlands Commission and Town Council to the mayor, not broke why change. At the very lease there should have been five questions, in 2009 the voters rejected the changes to the charter and I would encourage the voters to reject the changes again. Vote no.

Steve Gale, Wallingford

Asking for your vote


During my prior campaigns for the Wallingford Town Council, I assured you that I would be a different kind of representative. That I would stand up for the fundamental principles of smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens. That I would do my homework, ask questions, know the issues, speak my mind, and make decisions — guided by the above principles.

Over my past terms, I have held firm to my fundamental principles, weathering against a storm of complacency and non-action. I have voted against every tax increase, and this year helped propose, in a bipartisan fashion, many changes to the budget to eliminate the latest tax increase. And yet, even though the majority rejected the proposition, I am no less deterred from thinking outside the box and leading a path to better oversight of the use of tax dollars, better maintenance and utilization of town infrastructure, better and more efficient governance — a better Wallingford. I have been a strong advocate of spending money to improve and repair our school properties so that our children can learn, play, and compete in a safe place. I also have one of the best attendance records on the Town Council. So, now in 2017, as in prior years, I do not ask for your vote. Instead, I ask: “Did I do a good job?” “Did I stand for smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens?” If I did, and you like that sort of stuff in your governmental officials, you know what to do on Election Day.

Until then, please feel free to check out my website at www.fishbeinforcouncil.com where you can perhaps take advantage of our free delivery and pickup service for lawn signs. Thanks.

Craig Fishbein, Wallingford

The plan


I am running for Wallingford Town Council this November 7. This is the most important election for our town because we’ve been facing many problems that get put under the rug. This has made me run for Town Council to make a change and difference in the direction we’ve been going. I have a list of agendas to try and make happen for our residents in Wallingford.

1. Against raising taxes. 2. More funding for our schools. 3. Lift up the not one child left behind and give more help to the school students. 4. Provide more efficient drug programs for all people in crisis by having a halfway house for helpand to get better. 5. Provide famous musicians to play on our town green, like New Haven and Hamden have every summer. 6. Add teen programs at the senior center from 4 -7 pm to play pool and eat a hot meal etc. 7. Monitor the Wallingford police by riding shotgun on all shifts . 8. Add better training for our police.

A lot more in Plan by Stan The Man Can.

Darrell Stancuna, Wallingford

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