Readers’ Opinions, 9-25-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 9-25-2013




I strongly support Michael Rohde for re-election as Mayor of Meriden. I have known him for many years. He worked on the Martin Luther King Jr./Albert Owens Scholarship Committee for several years. Mike has always worked hard for causes he believes in and has worked hard as our mayor. He knows Meriden very well and understands our needs. Please join me in voting to re-elect Mike Rohde in November.

Rhudean Raye, Meriden



Mike Rohde has been a hardworking mayor for the City of Meriden and deserves to be re-elected. He has worked to keep jobs in Meriden with the construction of two new high schools in the city. Mayor Rohde devotes many hours in attending events in the city, supporting youth and senior citizens causes and church celebrations. He strongly backs the rebuilding of Meriden and will keep us on the right track. Please vote for Mike Rohde in November.

Charles Henry Raye, Meriden

Job well done


I want to thank the City of Meriden Park & Recreation Dept. for taking out that big green bush and trimming the other three bushes down. This will save accidents when cars are coming down Cook Avenue and turning onto Hanover Street.

Janet Kay, Meriden



I am supporting Josh Broekstra for City Council in Area 2. Having known Josh for several years I can attest to his dedication to Meriden, his knowledge of the issues, and the common sense approach he will bring with him to the Council. He will listen to the people and make sure that their voice is heard. Please join me in supporting Josh Broekstra for Area 2 Council on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Greg Maloney Sr., Meriden

Time for change


Wallingford needs a change. Jason Zandri is our man. He’s wise, intelligent, young, energetic, knowledgeable about issues, community-minded, a watchdog of the Town Council, a man of the people and for the people and, especially, a family man. Yes, Wallingford — Jason Zandri is our man for mayor, 2013.

Ben F. Klimczak, Yalesville

Wallingford taxes


I moved to Wallingford in 2007. My taxes were $3,860.00. They were $4,300 in 2011. Mayor Dickinson and the Republican block tout how they are holding the line on “expensive” employee salaries (you know, the people doing the actual work). They brag about 1.4 percent average annual salary increases over three to four years of a contract (after additionally paying arbitration costs because they don’t negotiate fairly). So tell me — why have my taxes gone up 12 percent in those same four years? Salaries are barely 5.5 percent of that. The other 6.5 percent? What are we spending it on?

Michael Cicarella, Wallingford



I have worked with Joshua Broekstra for four years. He is a very smart young man. He is quick with today’s technologies. Essentially, he teaches himself and is a very good problem-solver. He is easy to work with. Any time I need help, he helps me. Today’s issues need good problem-solvers, like Josh. I can tell that he cares deeply about Meriden. I hope that the voters of Meriden elect Josh Broekstra to their City Council.

Maryanne Moon Boyen, Southbury

Trusted, proven


I’m Dan Brunet, your Area 3 City Councilor. I’m pleased to run for re-election to continue my common-sense approach to making Meriden a better place to live. Over the last four years, my service ranged from ensuring brushes are trimmed and banning animal slaughter, to pushing for anti-nepotism policies and analyzing multi-million dollar development projects. I’ve kept promises to reduce unnecessary spending, decrease sober houses and prevent an auto auction. I’ll continue to fight for the taxpayers against special interests/monopolies like the PLA and efforts to increase low-income housing. Trusted and proven — Vote Dan Brunet on November 5th.

Dan Brunet, Minority Leader

Meriden City Council

Character counts


Dan Brunet is full of character. He has lived in Meriden his whole life. He loves the city and its history. He understands issues that concern Meriden’s citizens. He gives straight, honest answers. Dan works well with all parties on City Council. He has proven his dedication and his reputation confirms this. Dan has no use for petty garbage and untruths, or the mudslinging that seems to easily flow from opposition. Dan’s character is what drives him in the right direction for the people of Meriden. He is just an honest, regular guy that likes to see good things happen.

Rebekah Flynn, Wallingford



Regarding the elderly tax deferral program and Republican commentary (R-J letters, 9-18) “Does somebody making $71,000 need tax relief?” It depends on the individual. Someone at $55,000 may, and that person is currently excluded from the current program despite being more than 20 percent below median income. “If more people have property taxes deferred, the rest of us would have to make up the difference.” Overall, that isn’t true; in the short term, while there are more deferrals taking place than settlements, it is possible, but the entire point of “deferral” is that the town is made whole over time.

Charlotte Ayers, Wallingford

GOP spin machine


The Republican spin machine is at full RPM. A letter-writer (R-J, 9-18) indicated Jason Zandri wanted to “expand the elderly/disabled tax deferral program to people with incomes up to $71,000. No reason, except that Durham and Guilford do it” — couldn’t be further from the truth as those towns were examples. The reasons are in his blog, “I don’t want to have anyone move from family and the town that they grew up in or have called home because they can no longer afford the taxes in Wallingford.” My vote on 11/5 goes to Zandri for Mayor.

Patricia F. Mills, Wallingford

New face


Josh Broekstra is a young, vibrant and enthusiastic individual that will bring balance to the City Council. Josh will tackle our high taxes, lack of business and the raw deals that residents are subject to by members of the City Council. We can no longer continue in this path; this November make a difference and take action to put Meriden on a path of success, with a new face, new ideas and a different perspective, support and vote for Josh Broekstra for City Council.

Pablo Soto, Meriden



I went to a fundraiser for Lenny Rich, who is running for council at large. I’ve never seen such a big fundraiser for a person new to the political scene but Lenny is not your average politician. When you announce that you are running for a public office, invite your friends to a $20/pp fundraiser and have over a hundred people show up, it speaks volumes about your character. Lenny, who includes many Democrats among his friends, is someone we need for Meriden. Lenny has the energy and integrity to help our city be everything it can and should be.

Deb Lint, Meriden

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