Readers’ Opinions, 10-3-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 10-3-2013


Bread for Life


I felt compelled to write after your story on the proposed Bread for Life move in Tuesday’s newspaper (R-J, 10-1). Rather than attempting to rebut each of what I consider to be inane prejudicial comments made by public officials in Southington, I will simply point out the following: There is nothing about being poor and or hungry that makes anyone more of a danger than any of the other people living and working near a school. People pausing to talk after eating at Bread for Life are no more dangerous than the people lingering in the parking lot of the senior center after lunch. I would be willing to bet that the people coming and going from Bread for Life present no more (in fact, even less) danger than the people coming and going from certain bars. I would also be willing to bet the police have been called to houses around the school many more times than once in more than three years.

If our town politicians want to get to know who goes to Bread for Life, volunteer to work there for a week. It will expand your education.

Samuel Hendrickson, Southington



With the approaching elections and to all who are making promises of what their main concerns are for this city and all the people who live here in Meriden and pay taxes, I have a few requests. If you really are concerned, be perfectly honest with your statements. Speak and listen to the people on the council that have been totally devoted to this city and its people (and we know they are). Search your hearts and minds for the guidance you will need to fulfill your commitments. The next time you leave your place of worship after being elected, and knowing you have done your utmost for all, then you have accomplished your goal. Remember to always seek the knowledge from within. I offer my special thanks to some of the devoted ones: Matt Dominello and Walt Shamock.

Don Kroeber, Meriden

Political Opinions

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A new voice


Lenny Rich is a candidate for City Council. What a great opportunity for Meriden to have a new voice. I have known Lenny Rich for more than 35 years as a neighbor and friend. He is a man of integrity and honesty. He listens and is always willing and able to help at a moment’s notice. He researches issues seeking the best possible outcome. He is a person I trust to represent me in the City Council. Lenny Rich has my vote in November and I am asking you to vote for him too.

Janet Gai Rader, Meriden



I endorse Jim Ming in his candidacy for the Meriden Board of Education. I have known Jim Ming for 40 years. We attended Platt High School and were in many of the same classes. I have connected with him through Facebook and support his vision for the future of Meriden schools. He is honest and committed to bringing change to education. He is devoted to his children and his grandchildren and will carry that same quality to the Board of Education. Jim Ming is a candidate I certainly would like to see in office for the benefit of all.

Diane Migliore Dane, McDonough, GA



I met Mike Rohde over 20 years ago when he was the Director of the Children’s Program at The Curtis Home. I’ve worked with him on several projects since then and know him to be a person who truly cares about Meriden. Mike is the Founder and past Chairman of Relay for Life and a tireless advocate for Meriden. He’s been a supporter of numerous community events including the Annual Puerto Rican Festival, Project Graduation, new Band Uniforms for Maloney High School, Black Heritage Festival and the downtown Farmers Market. Please vote to re-elect Mike Rohde for mayor in November.

Linda R. Owsianik, Meriden

Two thoughts


A couple of thoughts to share. I was saddened to read of the recent passing of Meriden icon and outstanding sports figure Bill Boehle. Bill was selected as a “Sportsman of Distinction” by the Meriden Sports Reunion Committee in 1994, an award richly deserved. He will be missed. Down the road in Wallingford, it was interesting to hear that “the Kennedy clan” is coming to town to endorse Jason Zandri for mayor. They can fly in President Obama on Air Force One and they still won’t beat Mayor Bill “The Real Deal” Dickinson. Wallingford voters, re-elect Mayor Dickinson in November.

John A. Young, Cromwell

Tech and taxes


Have you ever purchased an electronic device, such as a cell phone or computer, and six months later it is obsolete? On average, Americans replace their cell phones every two years and computers every 4.5 years. Business and government need to upgrade, too. Wallingford replaces computers on a five-year cycle. Jason Zandri, however, wants to expand and increase the technology in Wallingford. Zandri claims taxes have risen too much. Think about that. Zandri wants to increase and purchase new technology, including yearly replacements, with their mandatory peripherals and software, and keep taxes low. Oh, the socialist “Land of Oz.”

William E. Butka, Wallingford



It’s unfair for Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, and conservatives to criticize Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama for wanting to attack Syria for the chemical-weapons murder of innocent children and women. If Bush did this, conservatives would praise him. They are not war-mongers. How easily people forget. Bush Sr. started the Persian Gulf War in 1990. Bush Jr. started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with no proof that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (and claims that he was in cahoots with Bin Laden were not true). I’m sick of it! Aren’t you?

Nick Piccolo, Southington

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