Readers’ Opinions, 10-4-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 10-4-2013


Organ donor


We wish to express our sincere thanks to each and every one of you that came to pay their respects to us, the family of Megan McAuliffe Mauro. It was absolutely overwhelming to see the hundreds of people patiently waiting in line, some up to two and a half hours, to offer comfort, condolences, prayers and share their memories of Megan. Megan touched the lives so many — a tribute to who she really was: a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, a wife, friend and peacemaker.

These are incredibly hard days, and they will not get easier anytime soon. However, if we can remember Megan for what she was; a counselor, a virtuous and selfless person that wanted to get past conflicts and appreciate the great things in every person’s life, the power of her strong spirit will continue to live on through all of us as we carry forth the virtues that Megan upheld and taught us. She was wise beyond her years. Even at the end, Megan still gave life — she was a perfect organ donor. On behalf of the McAuliffe family,

Corrine McAuliffe, Wallingford

Political Opinions

Able to monitor


We need a City Councilor who will be able to monitor the Gravel Street reconstruction project on a daily basis. Democrat Luke Ford is the man for the job. He lives on Sunbright Drive South and will be standing there side by side with his neighbors making sure the job is done right, with the least disruption to the residents and local businesses. He will be our voice on the City Council as this two-year project is completed. Join me in voting for Democrat Luke Ford for Meriden City Council.

Katie Hargett, Meriden

No drama


I am the wife of David Lowell, who is running for Meriden City Council. Being married for 25 years, I have had the opportunity to experience how David being involved makes a difference. David is always looking for opportunities to help others. He is one who investigates issues, asks questions and listens before making a decision. He challenges people to explain why. He is an independent thinker and will not be involved in the drama or bantering. David is able to remain professional in difficult situations. David is what Meriden needs. Vote for David Lowell.

Denise Lowell, Meriden

Billboard blight


Democrat Luke Ford knows how important it is to improve the image of Meriden. Reducing blight, including billboard blight, is a top priority. In stark contrast, Republican Dan Brunet was the only City Councilor to vote against the new regulations greatly reducing billboard blight. Luke Ford shares our values – improving Meriden’s image as well as its infrastructure. It is time to replace incumbent Brunet with someone that helps Meriden move forward. Elect Democrat Luke Ford to the Meriden City Council this fall.

Ethan Blau, Queens, NY



I have known Democrat Luke Ford for several years. He is a hard-working and devoted family man. Luke understands the pressure and family disruption caused by unemployment. His efforts to promote resident hiring on the high school renovation projects reinforces his understanding that it is not only beneficial to the men and women from Meriden employed on these projects but a benefit to the entire community. Luke Ford is opposed to the closing of Engine 3 and will be an advocate for public safety. Vote Democrat Luke Ford for Meriden City Council.

David J. Waskowicz, Meriden



David Lowell is a great candidate for Meriden City Council. David is involved in all aspects of our community. He works with our youth, our persons with disabilities and our elderly. He understands Meriden. David’s experience and background in organizational management and his even-temper make him the best choice to work with all of his fellow council men and women on behalf of all of Meriden. David listens, isn’t afraid to ask questions, and seeks to understand issues and their impact on the greater good of our city. David Lowell is a rock-solid choice for Meriden.

Dana Moyer, Meriden

Skill set


I would like to voice my strong support for David Lowell for Meriden’s Town Council. David Lowell is an active member of the Kiwanis, A.R.C. Board of Directors, C.H.C. Advisory Board, Lincoln MS Governance Council, Advocate for Public Safety, Advocate for Education and Youth Development, he is the VP and C.O.O. of Hunter’s Ambulance. Dave also served on the Public Utilities Council and is currently on the Town Council on an interim basis. I hope Meriden recognizes that his experience and skill set are vital to a Meriden that is about to go through much needed and overdue change.

Dave MacLennan, Wallingford

Boundless energy


I write in support of David Salafia in his attempt to secure a spot on the Meriden City Council. I have known David for thirty-five years and have witnessed his devotion and dedication to our hometown. Very few discussions with David are devoid of references to Meriden and either some great new programs, developments or areas of concern that he has had some thoughts about. David Salafia has spent many years thinking of and acting on plans to improve Meriden in various civic roles. David’s boundless energy and resourcefulness can only benefit the City of Meriden.

Pete Warner, Southbury

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