Readers’ Opinions, 10-6-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 10-6-2013




It is my pleasure to whole-heartedly endorse the Southington Republican slate this fall. Team Republican has provided steady leadership during a period of dramatic change. The superb performance of Town Manager Garry Brumback is a tribute to the wisdom of council Republicans, who discerned the talent of this outstanding man. This year’s Republican council team is an ideal combination of incumbent leaders, promising newcomers, and veteran public servants returning to their post. I am delighted by the decision of our excellent Board of Education members to continue in that most essential and difficult position. Vote Team Republican on November 5.

State Sen. Joe Markley, Plantsville



Raising my children in Meriden, and seeing all my grandchildren raised in Meriden, is wonderful. Remembering the day I walked my daughter down the aisle at St. Joseph Church to marry David Lowell, I had no idea he would become such an involved Meriden man. When I think about it, I should have known as David has been helping others since he was a child, becoming an Eagle Scout, coaching sport teams my grandchildren were on, Kiwanis, Board of Directors for the ARC, etc. and now City Council. How lucky Meriden is. David Lowell is getting my vote.

Douglas Coombs, Meriden



There have been statements made by mayoral candidate Jason Zandri and recent letters to the editor regarding Wallingford taxes being too high and asking voters to take their heads out the sand. Local taxes are computed on several factors, two of which are the value of the property and mill rate. Wallingford has one of the lowest mill rates in the state. The value of Wallingford property, especially residential homes and condos, has remained strong. This is a direct result of proper, prudent management by Mayor William Dickinson, his administration and, yes, Town Councils, for the last couple of decades.

Joseph Guerra, Wallingford

Great mayor


The arts are an important fundamental of any strong community. Since Mayor Mike Rohde took office, he has made it clear that the arts in Meriden and arts education in our schools are a priority. Mayor Rohde worked diligently to promote the Maloney Band fundraising campaign for new uniforms, supported countless performance events and has taken every opportunity to support the arts programs in Meriden. We are fortunate to have a great mayor in our city who supports the arts and proves through his actions that he cares about maintaining, developing and nurturing the arts in Meriden.

Brian Cyr, Meriden

There for all


Bob Parisi has been involved in the betterment of Wallingford for over 35 years. He is willing to assist anyone in our wonderful town who has an issue or a need. Always has and always will be there for all. Bob Parisi for Town Council has my vote. Thank you Bob for all these great years of Service. We hope you will continue for many more years.

Jean C. Little, Wallingford



I strongly support Miguel Castro for City Councilor in Area 1. In all he does either as a businessman or a City Councilor he possesses the fine qualities of honesty, compassion, fairness and integrity. Having know Miguel for several years, he believes in the importance of family values and he is always willing to listen to the concerns of the citizens in Meriden and I know he will represent the district with great honor . On November 5th, please join me in supporting Miguel Castro and the entire Democratic team.

Diane Kubeck, Meriden

A true leader


I have known David Salafia for many years. Whether he’s coaching our kids or volunteering for a whole host of organizations, David is a true leader. I believe his greatest accomplishment is chairing the Falcon Field project. Not only did he lead this project to completion on time, it was also under budget. My grandfather John W. Garlock and father John J. Garlock knew David for years and would have been proud to work with him for our city.

John Garlock, Meriden

Terrific place


Taxes and Wallingford: Mayoral candidate Zandri is either too inexperienced (one Council term) or is ignoring facts regarding property taxes in Wallingford. Residential property values have remained strong because Wallingford is terrific place to live and raise a family. As a result, property taxes have risen slightly, but are still the envy of most towns in the state. Would Zandri prefer declining property values, like most other communities have experienced in this recession? Mayor William Dickinson and his steady, consistent leadership is one reason that Wallingford has fared much better in the recession than others. Dickinson has earned my vote.

William A. Kosche, Wallingford

Role model


As many know, and all will definitely soon find out, my dad’s energy knows no limits. Whether it is lending a hand with Spirit of Giving, shamelessly performing on stage during a Kapers show, or even helping my sister and I with our schoolwork, David Lowell gives it his all and I know I can speak for both my sister and myself when I say he is an incredible role model for us. His patience is astonishing; I mean, come on, living in a house with three women for the past 21 years is a commendable accomplishment alone!

Danielle Lowell, Baldwin Harbor, NY

One promise


Bill Dickinson has only ever made one campaign promise; it’s one he has kept faithfully year after year. What promise, you ask? Simply put, based on principles and values, it is to do what’s best for Wallingford as a whole. It means distinguishing between needs and wants; willingness to say “no” when necessary; knowing it is impossible to please everyone; and accepting that some decisions will be unpopular, but making them anyway. He puts Wallingford first, always. He has the commitment, competence, common sense, integrity, maturity and temperament required of a mayor. Please vote to re-elect Bill Dickinson.

Eileen Console, Wallingford

Shares credit


I admire Mayor Dickinson’s down-to-earth personality and humility. Wallingford is a great place to live, and he has played a huge role in that. I have seen him at council meetings and many community and school events. He always shares or gives credit for successful efforts to councils (both parties), other boards, school parent groups, town employees, nonprofit agencies and volunteers, who all add to the success. His humility, integrity and selflessness are refreshing, especially compared to those attacking him to gain office. Bill Dickinson deserves to continue as our mayor.

Jeanne Gessert, Wallingford

Years of service


We are pleased to hear that Bill Lutz is running for a seat on the Board of Education on the Democratic ticket. His successful teaching career at Notre Dame High School as well as sixteen years of service on the Meriden and Berlin boards of education make him an ideal candidate. He’s also been an active member of the Southington Education Foundation and served as its president. In all his endeavors he has always put students first! A vote for Bill is a vote for the children of our community.

Dottie Drechsler, Southington

Strong leader


Dear friends, please join me and cast your vote November 5th for David Salafia, city councilor at-large. David has the exact experience and leadership we need in City Hall. David is a great people person and his commonsense approach, work ethic, and wonderful attitude is precisely what is seen in strong leaders of our time. A vote for David Salafia is a vote to keep Meriden safe, our schools competitive and the city a great place to live.

Tommy Friello, Meriden

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