Readers’ Opinions, 10-10-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 10-10-2013


Editorial appreciated


Thank you for your editorial’s voice of cool and reason (R-J, 10-6) in the discussion of the new location of Bread for Life. We are all nervous about our children, but I hope the Southington Board of Education and PZC take a hard look at the issues you raise and approve the new location for Bread for Life.

I would encourage people to go to to show their support for a statewide organization that is helping local groups like Bread for Life with their mission. Read about hunger in Connecticut and donate.

Nancy Charles, Wallingford

Medical progress


The October 8th Record-Journal article (“Yale prof shares medicine Nobel”) cites a Yale University professor’s award for the Nobel Prize in medicine. In his acceptance speech with the worldwide media, he focused on the lack of federal money for young scientists. This perceived lack of money is readily available and is estimated to be about $20-30 billion, but is wrongly and presently allocated to a type of invalid research method called animal-modeled experimentation.

Irrefutable scientific evidence exists that has exposed this wasteful and useless research method. This lifesaving evidence can be found on the website of Americans For Medical Advancement, aptly titled, whose data is logically analogous in predictive value to the way a mathematician flawlessly proves a valid theorem.

Since our medical system has yet to evolve in stopping this invalid research, the most hopeful solution in helping suffering medical patients is to form a legislative patient advocacy group to meet with our excellent and progressive U.S. Congresswomen, Rosa L. DeLauro. She can begin the process of sponsoring a modernization bill that defunds irrelevant animal experiments while shifting these wasted billions to research that is actually rooted in science, not fiction. This is clearly and easily achievable only when public demand asserts itself accordingly.

I invite interested readers and all patient advocates to contact and join me in starting this legislative process that will provide genuine hope and accelerated medical progress for suffering and disease-afflicted people everywhere. An official petition is already being circulated. (The writer is Coordinator, Medical Progress Through Awareness;

Gerald Ardigliano, New Haven



Senators Blumenthal and Murphy and representatives Larsen, Courtney, Esty, DeLauro and Hines all voted in favor of Obamacare. They have made many speeches (some, in my opinion, ranting and raving) in favor of this unpopular law, some suggesting it was the best thing since sliced bread.

I believe a vast majority of Americans feel that since this law requires everyone to sign up for this plan, that all Senators and Representatives should leave their Cadillac healthcare plan and join Obamacare. Intelligent Americans would also like Congress to write a new law that reads, on all future laws, Congress members should adhere to all requirements as those imposed on the general public.

We are waiting.

Ralph J. Esposito, Meriden

Successful fundraiser


On the weekend of September 6, 7 and 8, the Brian David Ash Memorial Fire Prevention Fund held its 27th fundraiser and sold hot dogs, soda and chips at a grocery store in Meriden. This year we had a most successful fundraiser. All of the food, supplies and labor were donated, so that 100 percent of the receipts went to the fund. Many people contributed a lot of time in addition to tangible contributions. We also received handouts and leaflets on fire safety from several organizations. In addition, many local businesses provided us with specialty items, which we gave away with the educational material on our fire safety display. This year our raffle was extremely successful.

We are indebted to the many people who contributed to this event, and wish to publicly thank all of you for a job well done. This year we had many new people helping us. This was a real team effort, and its success will enable The Brian David Ash Memorial Fire Prevention Fund to continue carrying the message of fire safety that it was established for: “Working smoke detectors save lives.” The funds are used to provide fire safety education. We purchase educational materials, specialty advertising and literature for the schools. In addition, we purchase batteries for a battery exchange program, donate smoke detectors, CO detectors and the fund donated 3 Ii-Pads to the fire marshal’s office so they can do interactive programs with the children. We also supply fire hats to all the elementary school students in Meriden during National Fire Prevention Week, this year October 7-11.

I would like to thank Will, Allie, Reese and Rory who spent some of their summer vacation holding a lemonade stand, selling baked goods and homemade duct-tape crafts, raising $82 to donate to the fund.

Roberta Ash, Chairperson, Meriden



It’s kind of sad that the city that I grew up in and love (Meriden, my home) is also a place where you cannot voice any opinion. God forbid if you voice or write letters.

First, I’d like to correct some people who cannot think or speak for themselves. I love the Meriden police; my only problem is some detectives and sergeants feel they’re untouchable (there was only one person I know to be untouchable, and that was Eliot Ness). You see, silence and integrity are not the same thing. I believe, as should everyone, that we’re all equal — no one is above the law.

I also believe that the police should be held accountable for their actions, good or bad. People come up to me — some praise me for being outspoken, some talk to my friends or parents and say “he hates the police — he should be careful.” As I said before, there is no hate at all. My beliefs are very strong; nepotism is no different from racism, there’s no place for it anywhere. Now if anyone has a problem with me, please feel free contact me and I will gladly talk to you about any of my opinions because, after all, this is still America, and everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Chris Dingwell, Meriden



Cones have been placed along the side of a highway near Mount Rushmore to prevent people from pulling over and taking pictures. The government had to pay someone to put those cones out. It would not have cost the government anything to not put the cones out and allow people to take pictures. Some government web sites have been turned off. A message appears informing people that the web site is not available while the government is shut down. It cost the government more to dismantle the web sites than if it had simply left them as they were. The Obama Administration is actually telling fisherman in some parts of Florida that they are not allowed to fish while the government is shut down. If the government was actually shut down, there wouldn’t be anyone to stop the fisherman.

The government collects – and has available to spend – about $200 billion every month except April, when it collects around $400 billion. If the shutdown lasted a full year the government would still spend $2.7 trillion. Essentially, the shutdown has balanced the budget. $2.7 trillion is the same level of spending as the federal government had in 2007. A larger slice of that $2.7 trillion should be available for domestic programs now than in 2007 due to the reduction in Iraq War spending. The shutdown shouldn’t cause the problems that are occurring.

The inescapable conclusion is that President Obama and his friends are trying to score political points against their opponents by causing as much inconvenience to people and harm to the economy as they can on a bet that voters aren’t paying close attention to what is actually happening. Unfortunately, they may have bet correctly.

Jim Palmer, Wallingford



Meriden is fortunate to have such a dedicated mayor as Mike Rohde. He exhibits a glowing pride in our city and does everything with so much vigor. In addition to that display of enthusiasm, he has a positive vision for our city’s growth and produces great outcomes to make that vision a reality. He has kept taxes in check, moved forward with the renovation and expansion of our high schools and set in motion a remedy for both the Hub and Harbor Brook. I support Mike Rohde and the whole Democratic Team. I hope you will.

Carmine Trotta, Meriden

Move forward


Wallingford voters face a choice: the past vs. the future. On the one hand, Wallingford is generally well run. On the other hand, Mayor Dickinson has missed opportunity after opportunity to move the town into the 21st Century. His decisions not to computerize have inconvenienced residents, impeded communication between town offices, residents and state officials and actually cost the town money. Choosing Jason Zandri presents an opportunity to move forward sensibly. He will streamline government, improve transparency and attract businesses. These actions, in turn, will help keep taxes from rising annually. Jason Zandri is the best leader for the future.

Karen A. Grava, Wallingford



I have had the privilege of knowing Manny Santos for the past 20 years and am thrilled that he has entered the race for Mayor of Meriden. The community could not ask for a more competent candidate to run Meriden. He has years of professional experience as an engineer as well as a small-business owner and he has worked tirelessly in the community while raising his family. His integrity personally and professionally is exemplary and a better mayor Meriden will not find.

Evelyn Walker, Larchmont, NY



I’ve known Larue Graham through his work at Jack Barry Little League. He is a great asset to our organization. I am especially impressed with his professionalism and honesty regarding the level of required work to meet the needs of the community. I’ve seen him not only work on helping Jack Barry Little league succeed, but he also volunteers in other organizations in the community by coaching and mentoring children in sport activities and schools. Larue is successful, responsible, listens and finds solutions to help the community. He gives 110 percent all the time. Vote for Larue Graham this November.

Jacqueline Rondini, Meriden



David Salafia loves Meriden — always has. He was born and raised in Meriden and is now raising his children here. He wants to continue to serve his city, which is something he has always done in one form or another, as a hard-working and devoted member of his community. He has studied Meriden’s past and looks forward to continuing to shape its future. Meriden’s City Council would be well-served by David as Councilor At-Large.

Gina Stankiewicz, Tolland

Always there


Bob Parisi is running for Wallingford Town Council again this year. I have known him for years now, and he always seems to have time to help anyone in town with a problem. Whether it’s contacting a town department, resolving a complaint about how a matter was handled, or just offering a suggestion on how to deal with the everyday issues of government, Bob has always been there. I cannot think of a person I would rather have in office. Please vote for Bob on Election Day.

Lorraine Roy, Wallingford



I want Bob Parisi to represent me on the Wallingford Town Council, and I urge everyone to make him your choice as well. There is never a stone left unturned when it comes to helping someone with a problem. Bob is tenacious about making certain that a constituent gets the attention he needs to solve a problem. Bob is totally knowledgeable about municipal government, and that is just one of the reasons that he is such a valued town councilor. He will always get my vote.

Bertha Oliano, Wallingford

Support, pride


We are writing on behalf of Mayor Mike Rohde in an attempt to express our gratitude to him for all he has done for Meriden. Not only have we known Mike for many years as an elected city official who cares about Meriden, but also as a supportive friend, father and husband, who has dedicated his time to finding ways to make a positive impact on the community. He never fails to show his support and pride, always attending community events and expressing his appreciation to the many event workers and volunteers. Mike Rohde is an active, hands-on mayor.

Oscar/Doris Rosado, Meriden



This letter supports Manny Santos for mayor. I have the pleasure of having Manny as my neighbor for 17 years in Sterling Village Condominiums. Manny attends numerous association meetings, monitoring the fiscal responsibility of those elected to govern the association. I have no doubt Manny will bring enthusiasm and a no-nonsense approach to City Hall. I am impressed with his platform to improve Meriden’s business opportunities. I wish to support a “non-politician” and a regular family man with an opportunity to represent me in a town that could use a new direction.

Sandra J. Osipow, Meriden



Jim Ming, who is running for Meriden Board of Education, has my vote in the upcoming election. He is a man of integrity, above all, and has the passion, energy and determination to make a positive contribution to Meriden’s education system. Jim wants to provide students, staff, administrators and parents with tools and support they need to be successful, now and in the future. The students of today are our adults of tomorrow and the future of this city, and with Jim Ming on the Board of Education, change for the better will happen: “Because together we can do better.”

Theresa Montemurro, Meriden

Effective leader


I have known Mike Rohde since 1998. I’ve found him to be a good listener, open-minded and approachable. He’s a great supporter of our parks department, new linear trail system, the Land Trust with new hiking brochures, the farmers market, and many other great organizations that comprise our diversified community. Mike is a hands-on guy who has been following through with major infrastructure issues, such as flood control, long-range city planning, the Hub project and more. It takes experience to navigate the complexities of today’s concerns to be effective in leadership. Please support Mike Rohde for Mayor.

Timothy Fogal, Meriden

Don’t change


Why do the people of Wallingford need change? This town has been doing great for the last 30 years with the same man in office. Mayor Dickinson is hard-working and doesn’t spend money wastefully. He’s honest and upfront. We don’t need another inexperienced person to lead us to higher taxes and wasteful spending (which is what Zandri plans on doing). He already told us his plans. Look at the country and who’s in office and also in the state of Connecticut. Liberals are running everything and with our money. Vote for Mayor Dickinson because we need common sense.

Priscilla M. Blake, Wallingford

Do you vote?


Do you vote? Has someone ever implied to you that your vote doesn’t count? If so you’ve been lied to. Voting is easy. If you’re not registered make a quick stop to the town hall and pickup a card. It’s as quick as writing down your address, and there you are, you are now a registered voter! Then get out to the polls and cast your vote, you’ll feel better I promise. Let’s get Wallingford back on the right track, not stuck in the 80s track. Then next year we can start working on fixing Congress!

Michael Spiteri, Wallingford

A ‘doer’


Terry Lombardi is a “doer.” She follows a path to reach goals that consistently benefit the people who surround her in her career and community. She epitomizes a person with endless determination, honesty and compassion. She is someone who has the unique ability to effectively yet tirelessly balance home, career and community service. Terry’s focus to make fair and equitable decisions for the betterment of our Southington children is exemplary. It is with great pleasure and sincerity that I endorse Terry Lombardi for the position of Board of Education member.

Linda Clock, Southington



Over the past 4 years we’ve witnessed government leadership that wasn’t afraid of new challenges and fostering leadership with new ideas. The leadership of Southington’s Town Council, Board of Education and Board of Finance worked together like no time in Southington’s history. These three boards communicated and tackled numerous issues such as schools, roads, sewers and facilities and they did so without placing burdensome tax increases on the citizens of Southington. I would like to thank the Republican Chairmen of all three boards for their leadership and guidance. We need to continue this leadership as we face continuing difficult times.

Sandra Micalizzi, Southington

Leads by example


I’ve known Larue Graham for 25 years and he has been nothing short of a true leader and mentor to everyone he comes in contact with. Larue has always been a strong team member and gives his time unselfishly and never looks for praise or credit, just results. He has always had Meriden’s best interest at the forefront of anything he has done, especially with youth growing up here in Meriden. Larue leads by example, succeeds at all he does and will be a strong member of Meriden’s leadership for years to come. Larue Graham for City Council this November.

Greg Post, Meriden

Dire need


Meriden is in dire need for elected officials to stop the double talk and start performing the promises they make at election time. A man who will work tirelessly to keep promises made and bring Meriden back to the great city it once was. That man is candidate David Salafia. Give him your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Alice Zajac, Durham



A recent letter-writer (Helen Macri, R-J, 9-27) criticized the city for using PLAs on the high-school projects since no one wanted them and that the projects are over budget because of them. Well, she speaks for herself. I, for one, think the use of PLAs on the high school projects is a good thing. Meriden has been burned on other school projects (which did not use union workers) that came in over budget. With PLAs we will get skilled labor and local residents hired for the job. The misconception that they drive up costs is simply not true.

Frank Cyphers, Meriden

Young candidates


It’s great to see the young candidates running for office in Meriden in this year’s local election. Kyle Abercrombie for Board of Education and Phil Mangiaracina for City Council represent the next generation of city leaders and should be applauded for their willingness to learn about issues affecting our community and finding ways to address those issues. I believe the two can bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to our Board of Education and City Council. Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5. Vote for Meriden’s future — vote for Kyle and Phil.

Barbara Buonanni, Meriden

Positive results


Mayor Mike Rohde has provided leadership and support for two largest and most complicated projects in Meriden’s history: the flood control project and the like-new renovations of Maloney and Platt high schools. Mike Rohde knew that these projects were crucial to the revitalization of Meriden and was determined to see them come to reality. Mayor Mike has shown strong leadership and positive results for a better Meriden. Please join me in voting for Mayor Mike Rohde and his Democratic Team on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Raymee Ferguson, Meriden

Moving forward


Jason Zandri’s campaign slogan “Moving Wallingford Forward” is exactly what this community needs. Jason has fiscal responsibility, understands community impact, and solicits opinions using modern day tools. We (Regan Technologies Corporation, of which the writer is CEO/President) reached out the Town Hall for a recent street issue. The only response we received was when Jason came out with a camera and documented our issue. It was only until then that we then received a call from public works with resolution. I applaud his work in the past, for the fireworks fund, and for this town’s forward momentum.

Christopher J. Regan, Wallingford

Best choice


I believe Luke Ford to be the best choice for City Council. He cares about the local job market and will do his best to support local workers, in part by making sure contractors on city building projects meet a quota of resident employees. Luke also supports revitalization of commercial and retail properties to help relieve the tax burden on residential homeowners, and he has our back as far as essential, emergency services (police and fire) are concerned. Luke has admirable ethics and integrity in a world where they have become rare. Come out and vote and support Luke Ford.

Marika McKeen, Meriden



Manny Santos is very qualified for mayor of Meriden. Manny has resided in Meriden for many years, growing with his wife and two children enrolled in the public school system. Manny’s profession as a mechanical engineer demonstrates how well of a problem-solver he can be, earning his B.S. Degree from University of Connecticut. Manny is a well-rounded individual that can relate to many Meriden residents. He is a member of Door of Hope Community Church, a Desert Storm veteran with the United States Marine Corps and a proud immigrant from Portugal. Manny Santos is very involved in the Meriden community.

Michelle Martins, West Hartford

Rain or shine


Am I frustrated and angry at this Tea Party Republican shut down of our government? You bet I am, and I suspect you are too. To make matters worse, these Republican Tea Party crazies are laughing at us telling us there is nothing we can do about it. Well here’s what I’m going to do about it and I hope you will join me in making it a landslide message. Rain or shine, I will make absolutely certain to get out and vote for Mayor Rohde, Luke Ford and 100 percent of the Democrats in Meriden’s election on November 5th.

Anna Daniels, Meriden

Strong advocate


Mayor Rohde has always been a strong advocate in improving the city of Meriden. Under his mayoral candidacy, he was instrumental in getting the flood project started. Additionally, he worked on the Linear Trail Phase II and the new renovation of both Platt and Maloney high schools. He continues to support the transit center and redevelopment of the city’s oldest part, City Park. His belief in strong teamwork will be an asset in the completion of these projects. Please vote for Mayor Mike Rohde and the Democratic Team on November 5 to keep Meriden moving forward. (Writer is Deputy Mayor.)

Matthew Dominello Sr., Meriden

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