Readers’ Opinions, 10-15-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 10-15-2013


Bread for Life


I am in favor of the new Bread for Life facility going up on Main Street. It is disappointing to see the parents of Derynoski School rushing to judgment and making assumptions about the clients using BFL. If someone needs these services it doesn’t mean they are bad people. Recently, a parent was quoted as saying she was “worried about the homeless population being near the students during operating hours.” The implication is that the parents don’t want their children “exposed” to the homeless population. Being homeless is an unfortunate fact in our society, and there are many reasons for it, job loss being a major factor. Also, not everyone using the BFL services is homeless; they are living in your neighborhood and go to your church/synagogue/mosque, and their children attend Derynoski. You are judging them unjustly. Finally, the students are never alone during the school’s operating hours. The children are either inside the school or being supervised by teachers and paraprofessionals outside on the playground, which is down the hill behind the school (off Eden Ave.), hardly close to the proposed Bread for Life building on Main Street. BFL serves lunch at noon; perhaps to eliminate the parents’ fears, BFL can be sure their clients are no longer on the premises by the time school gets out at 3:25. Perhaps a fence can be erected in order to deter the BFL clients from entering school grounds. I am sure there are compromises that can be made here. I have generally had faith in the people of Southington to do the right thing, but I shudder to think how I would be treated by my community if some day I had to use the BFL services because I have been laid off for a year and can’t find a job.

Lisa Hasko, Southington



I would like to thank the Southington Park Board for supporting me in my election as chairman at the October meeting. As I welcome two new members to the November meeting, I will miss the two retiring commissioners, John Fontana, and Joe LaPorte. They have provided invaluable leadership of the board over the past 30 years and guidance to me personally since joining the board. They both leave big shoes to fill and I hope to continue that leadership in my new position.

Michael J. Fasulo, Southington



Before we hired Miguel Castro, the contractor, we aggressively vetted him. As he worked at our house we closely watched his work ethic, attention to detail and timeliness. All work was completed on time, within budget and without need for post corrective action. Isn’t that what we want in a City Council member? Miguel has brought all of his qualities to the council. He is one of us. He truly cares about Meriden and the issues that affect all taxpayers. It would greatly harm us, the tax payers, to not return him to the council.

David/Ellie Hampton, Meriden

Outside the box


Republican mayoral candidate Manny Santos has so many qualities and qualifications that make him the best choice for Meriden. His problem-solving skills go beyond daily life, into his professional endeavors where he engineers and designs new products every day to help people. He has such a unique and broad outlook on the world, something that any mayoral candidate needs to be able to think outside of the box. Hard work and dedication are what make Manny as successful as he is and he will no doubt have success in bringing the people of Meriden what they need and deserve.

Sandra M. Santos, Middletown



I am supporting Terry Lombardi for the Southington Board of Education. I have known Terry for sixteen years, first and foremost as a friend and recently as a respected member of the Board of Education. Terry is dedicated, level-headed and a big-picture thinker. Passion could be Terry’s middle name, passion for her family, passion for her friends and passion for the quality of education in our town. The most admirable quality about Terry is that she constantly seeks out and listens to the voices of parents as well as the teachers and staff in our schools. Vote for Terry.

Donna Shea, Southington

It’s a mirage


It’s not surprising to see Mayor Dickinson’s first mailer discussing the town’s mill rate without offering comparisons to home values. You get more house in Meriden than you do in Wallingford for the same dollar amount. A 3-bedroom home costs you more in Wallingford than in Meriden and costs you more in taxes in Wallingford for that same 3 bedroom home Meriden. Despite the higher mill rate in Meriden. Candidate Zandri has outlined the 40 percent change in taxes in Wallingford since 2005. Guess he hit a nerve; people are learning the truth — the oasis is a mirage.

Tom Wolfer, Wallingford

Hard choices


Running a town is not easy in normal circumstances. The future is not good. Employment has not recovered. Thus Wallingford lacks the secure income stream that is needed to support these raises and, what would be by precedent, similar raises for the rest of town employees. Connecticut’s collective bargaining law penalizes prudent and well-run towns. That law was enacted by the same General Assembly that reduced state aid to the town was year. Mayor Dickinson has proved that he can take the unpopular hard stance in order to preserve the town’s finances. We need to re-elect Mayor Dickinson.

David G. Parent, Wallingford



I am asking the residents of Southington to join me in voting for Kathy Larkin for our next town clerk. Kathy has been with the town clerk’s office since 1985 and is presently deputy town clerk. She has a clear and concise knowledge of her job, and a great degree of professionalism. Kathy is intelligent, responsible, and self-confident and is the obvious choice for this position. Also, I have known her personally for 43 years, I am her very proud sister-in-law, so it is with my highest endorsement I recommend Kathy Larkin for our next town clerk.

Mary Niezgorski, Southington

Gets things done


I know that Mike Rohde has been a tireless worker for the city of Meriden for over two decades. I know he’s a seven-day-a-week mayor and supports our community in countless ways. I know he really loves Meriden and provides positive leadership to make things happen. I know due to Mike’s working with the council, city staff, business leaders and nonprofit sector, that Meriden is on the verge of a major resurgence. I know because he’s my husband and I ask for your vote in supporting a mayor who gets things done – Mayor Mike Rohde.

Nancy Rohde, Meriden

Fiscally sound


Wallingford, unlike most Connecticut towns, maintains a AAA bond rating despite record unfunded mandates, totaling 1,200. CT is cratered as #50 worst state in credit-worthiness, highest debt, worst funded pensions and business climate. We need leaders who know issues in Hartford and Wallingford. Some towns cut fire, police and teachers; seniors skip medicine; residents forgo improvements and businesses delay hiring to pay for unfunded, state-law mandates. We are fortunate to still have teachers and emergency responders because of Mayor Bill’s fiscal policies. This isn’t partisan politics. It’s our money, our seniors’ legacy and our kids’ future. Vote Dickinson.

Marty Mansfield, Wallingford



I would like to offer my endorsement to Mike Rhode as a candidate for Meriden’s mayor. I have known and worked with Mike for over 25 years, and have found him to be a capable, dedicated, and conscientious individual. He is professional in his work, a caring individual, and very involved in our community. I was particularly impressed with Mike when we both served on the Farmers’ Market Committee. His constant work, contacts, follow-up, and involvement were terrific. The only issue that Mike and I disagreed on was his support of the PLA.

Jack R. Brooks, Meriden

Needed talent


I am giving my support to Lenny Rich for City Council At-Large and urge readers to do the same. Under what is effectively one-party governing in the City of Meriden we’ve seen the mill rate rise faster than average wages and price inflation. With Lenny’s 32 years of auditing experience, he will bring a talent to the city which is presently in short supply. As a taxpayer, I know we need him. Go Lenny!

James Conklin, Meriden

Proven loyalty


The Meriden Firefighters’ Union has done its research and has chosen to endorse the candidates for City Council who will selflessly work for the citizens we protect. We need those leading us to look out for our best interest. Bob Williams, Larue Graham and Luke Ford have proven their loyalty to our community. Let’s allow them to lead Meriden into the future.

Chris Pettison, Meriden



When I first voted for Terry Lombardi for Southington’s Board of Education it was because I knew she would be hard-working, objective and dedicated on behalf of Southington’s children. I am voting for her a second time because she exceeded every expectation — and also brought to the table a forward-thinking view of education. I am pleased to vote for Terry again for this important position.

Peg Donohue, Southington

Reliable, honest


I am writing this letter in support of my Dad, Lenny Rich. My Dad is a loving father and husband, wonderful grandfather, and a loyal friend. My Dad is hard working, reliable and honest. He taught me and my brothers to work hard, and always put forth our best effort. My Dad intends on doing the same thing for Meriden. His only goal is to make Meriden a better place for my family and yours. My Dad has never disappointed me, and I know he won’t let you down either. Please vote for Lenny Rich for City Council.

Amy Benigni, Meriden



As a member of the Meriden Firefighters’ Local 1148, I know the importance of having the proper fire and EMS protection in our city. I would like to express how serious it is to have emergency resources that are adequate to save lives and protect the citizens and property in the City of Meriden. Luke Ford, Larue Graham, and Bob Williams Jr. are advocates for public safety. Please vote for these candidates who look out for the safety of the firefighters and the citizens we protect.

Bret Siegel, Meriden

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