Readers’ Opinions, 10-18-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 10-18-2013


An epidemic


I am a commercial driver, on the road every day. See some good driving habits and a lot of bad. A local radio station had the startling statistics of people killed on the road by drivers over 65 years of age. It’s long overdue that every 5 years after 65 that we require a medical card like that of a CDL holder for regular passenger licenses. If you are medically and physically capable then fine, drive away. Should restrictive endorsements be placed on the license like daytime only , Interstate only, etc., then do so. Too many lives are being taken by this growing epidemic. It’s unfortunate that this hasn’t happened sooner because we are losing lives daily because of this. In Connecticut one toll crash eliminated our tolls but we won’t instill an over age 65 medical check on drivers licenses, an epidemic that kills people every day? Every day especially day time, the blown lights, rolled through stop signs, not looking when pulling away from curbs is a huge problem in Wallingford alone. But if you look at the enforcement in the police log, hardly ever do you see infractions at 65 or older. In closing, it’s not just the teens at night we need to be strict on regarding road safety and driving infraction enforcement. We all have elderly folks in our families, but when it’s time to give up driving for the sake of safety, lets put a policy in effect that prevents it before it happens, not after the life is lost.

Al Esposito, Wallingford

Gwen Road


Thanks are due to Kevin Scarpati for his years of helping those of us on Gwen Road. His input in a few years accomplished far more than we were able to do in over 40 years. Thanks to both Kevin and police forces of Southington and Meriden, working in concert with each other ... finally! Most people are once again racing home to Cheshire via Gwen Road. Daily tickets might help — what do you think? Time is 4-6 p.m., usually.

Pat & Dick Spencer, Meriden

Water policy


The recent water main break in Southington (R-J, 9-10-13) Should serve as a wake-up call. If taxpayers and ratepayers want to avoid unaffordable utility bills and huge liabilities in the future, they must insist now on more competition in the way public officials manage the water systems. According to a study released by the National Taxpayers Union, roughly half a trillion dollars in government expenditures could be saved over the next four decades by adopting techniques such as open procurement for pipe materials and better asset management. The Mayors Water Council of the U.S. Conference of Mayors has also voiced support for such processes. It’s time for community leaders here and across the nation to be more proactive in embracing fiscally responsible approaches to water policy.

Pete Sepp, National Taxpayers Union, Alexandria, Va.

A great team


The Democratic Town Committee organized a great team to represent the city of Meriden. The present Mayor Rohde certainly has a strong work ethic and vision to promote Meriden while engaged in planning a future inner city development. Dave Salafia for City Council has great ability to rebuild Meriden along with the mayor. He has the experience in business matters, particularly what will work in solving many problems in an inner city. Dave listens to the public.

George Caffrey, Meriden

A fine festival


On behalf of the Apple Harvest Festival Supervisory Committee I would like to thank everyone that contributed to another successful festival. Despite the rain, we made up for it with entertainment, carnival, food, demonstrations and community atmosphere. It is thanks to the combined efforts of many that we are able to do this. Special thanks to our Festival Coordinator Jim Champagne, all our sponsors and our sponsor coordinator, Melissa Ericksen, our committee heads, our volunteers, civic groups, vendors, sponsors, town departments, the Chamber of Commerce and our local businesses. We are very lucky to live in such a fine community!

Chris Palmieri, Southington



There are essential qualities a mayor must have to be effective. Familiarity with computers, email and social media isn’t among them. If you are a taxpayer, and if responsible management of your tax dollars matters to you, remember this: Effectiveness means having common sense, making mature decisions, setting priorities, dealing with diverse complex issues, knowing you can’t please everybody, and seeing events not just in the moment but for the ripple effects they’ll have on other things down the road. Bill Dickinson has those qualities, and that’s why he continues to earn my vote for mayor of Wallingford.

Rosemary Rascati, Wallingford



Terry Lombardi, Republican candidate for the Southington Board of Education, deserves your vote. When elected to the school board two years ago, she brought a formidable resume: business leader, college instructor, community volunteer. During her first term, Lombardi demonstrated leadership, collaboration, and passion. Lombardi is proud of the three-year plan for technology now in place in the schools; bringing technology to the forefront was a personal goal. Lombardi is a hands-on leader, serving on several school board subcommittees and working with community members and educators to promote the recently launched SEF Virtual STEM University. Lombardi will move Southington schools forward.

Janet Galati, Southington

Charter revision


I am pleased to see that the Town Council has proposed changing the Town Charter to move the accountability for the management of the Police and Fire departments to the town manager instead of the commissions. For years these boards have been used for political appointments, not in the best interest of the taxpayers. By putting the departments under the control of the town manager, we will now insure professional oversight and direction. This process was done with both the Parks Department and the Senior Center with remarkable success. My vote will be a yes for the charter revision changes.

Michael Baker, Southington

Better for all


Every community requires balance and involvement by all citizens. Electing Tom Lombardi, a candidate connected to all generations of the town, is a great way to inspire the youth of Southington to be more actively involved. I have known Tom for over fifteen years and have seen him grow into a man with great character and integrity. Anyone who has met Tom knows that he is extremely hard working, generous and will make Southington better for all. Please join me in voting for Tom Lombardi for Southington Town Council.

Donna Shea, Southington



I’m writing to endorse Terry Lombardi as an excellent candidate for the Southington Board of Education. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Terry for years while we both served on the YMCA Board of Directors as well as the Executive Board. She brings to the table a business background of leadership, listening, speaking up and challenging the status quo when necessary. She is honest, intelligent, dedicated and passionate about the education of our children. Southington will benefit a great deal by electing Terry and I wholeheartedly endorse her for the Board of Education.

Melissa Sheffy, Southington



This is a very important election year. With the impending retirement of our Town Clerk, Leslie Cotton, one of the most important departments in our town hall will undergo major change. As with any transition, it is important to have strong leadership skills and proper training. Kathy Larkin has both. She is the only candidate, running for town clerk, who has all of the certifications and qualifications to fill the job. She is currently the deputy town clerk and is ready for the position, no training necessary. Please vote for Kathy Larkin for town clerk.

Joseph A. Picone, Plantsville



Meriden is making major strides to shape a new future for the community. Positive changes toward an improved downtown promise to create economic development opportunities that will provide needed property tax relief for residential tax payers and major improvements to our high schools will highlight Meriden’s continuing commitment to our students. These efforts will help provide an improved image for Meriden and have been championed by a Democratic leadership team that has earned our support in the coming election. Please, continue the progress by returning a Democratic team to office on November 5.

George McGoldrick, Meriden

We can do better


I am Jim Ming and I need your vote for the Board of Education (WTP candidate). Meriden public schools provided my 3 sons and I with a quality education and I would like to work to ensure that current and future students of our city have the same advantage. I will work to encourage parent participation and be a good steward of our tax dollars. But this is not a one man job! We need everyone to get involved! Our students, teachers, the community in general and especially the parents! Because together, we can do better! Learn more at

Jim Ming, Meriden



Larue Graham is one of Meriden’s biggest supporters and will do what is right for all its citizens. He has a forward-looking vision on what this city could be economically and socially to once again become the “hub” of our state. He envisions the advent of the new rail program and opening of the transportation center, proven nationally to spur development of commerce around this corridor. Larue just doesn’t say “no”, he offers ideas and solutions. He is a dedicated parent, coach, business person. Join me in voting for Larue.

Jim Frawley, Meriden

Tough decisions


Congratulations go to Jim Ming for receiving the Meriden Teacher’s Union endorsement for the Board of Education. As the treasurer of his campaign, I would also like to urge the citizens of Meriden to support Jim as well! I have known Jim and of his passion for Meriden for over 30 years. He will work hard and listen to the concerns of the parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators and the community at large to help make the tough decisions that are best for our children and our city. I ask that you vote for Jim Ming on November 5th. (

Donna Shibetta Nelson, Meriden

He does more


It’s for the Kids. That’s all we ever here in today’s world, whether it be for building new schools, new athletic facilities, increasing teacher salaries or general educational funding which seems to increase year after year. Well, if you truly believe in what you always say, then there is only one candidate for you and his name is David Salafia. David does more for the children of Meriden than any other candidate running for City Council. It’s simple, if you want the most productive advocate for your children, then your only choice is to cast your vote for David Salafia.

Jim Pellegrino, Meriden



Jason Zandri doesn’t get it. In my opinion, he’s naive and inexperienced, his thinking is superficial and extremely unrealistic. Some examples: Immature posturing in comments about debates; magical thinking (more services, lower taxes); ideas costing more tax dollars (expanding tax deferral programs, new technology, advance snow removal contracts); comparison of municipal benefits with Microsoft’s/Bloomberg’s; failure to understand how one union’s contract affects negotiations with others, and refusal to fight to limit impact on taxpayers; out-of-town union endorsements (makes you wonder, doesn’t it?). We can foresee expenses, payroll, pensions, benefits — and our taxes — going up faster. That’s “moving Wallingford forward”?

Alexandria Johnson, Wallingford ‘Local boy’


I gladly write this letter in support of David Salafia for City Council. David and I have been friends since kindergarten. I am proud that we remain close friends some 45 years later. David is a true “local boy makes good” story. His efforts to improve our downtown show his dedication to the people of Meriden. David believes in the Meriden schools and will continue working towards improving the quality of education for all of Meriden’s children. David has bright ideas and Meriden’s best interest in mind. I urge the citizens of Meriden to cast their votes for David Salafia.

Dan Wodatch, Meriden



We all know that Bob Parisi is a very active town councilman, as well as the chairman of the Town Council. But that is not the whole Bob Parisi. Bob is very active in the organizations that he is committed to and it is not just on a Tuesday night or a phone call, but on a daily basis. The last thing I would like to mention is his total unwavering commitment to his family and friends. I hope you will all vote for Bob Parisi “the man” for town council in this coming election.

Dolly Parisi, Wallingford

Not a mirage


I read with interest, “Letter To Editor,” 10/15/13,” It’s A Mirage.” True you get more house in Meriden than Wallingford for the same dollar amount, a three bedroom costs more in Wallingford than Meriden. Let’s compare yearly taxes. Our 8 room colonial, two car garage colonial, Wallingford: 2,098 sq. ft. taxes: $4,900.00; a 6 room Diamond Hill raised ranch: 1,080 sq. ft. Taxes: $4,266.00 We pay only $634.00 more per year in taxes for a larger home. It appears Wallingford is still an “oasis;” not a “mirage.”

John O. Roy, Wallingford

Passion, dedication


Terry Lombardi has my endorsement to be re-elected to the Southington Board of Education. I’ve known Terry for many years and can personally attest to her passion and dedication to education. As a small child who came to this country with very little, her education gave her the opportunity to rise above it all and provide her with tools to achieve a successful career. During her past year on the Board of Education, Terry supported fiscal responsibility, solid basic education programs, and was a strong proponent for increased technology in the school system. We need her voice! Vote for Terry!

Lois Eddins, Plantsville

Charter vote


I am not typically a fan of opening the Charter, however this time it was done for the right reasons. For far too long, this town has been operated by the “good ole boy network” and nothing is more evident of that than the political appointments on the Police and Fire commissions. They answer to no one and control the two largest budgets on the town side of the equation. It is about time we bring professional management and oversight to these two departments and get rid of political cronyism. Please support charter revision on Election Day, we need it.

David Kimmel, Southington



I have watched Michael Riccio grow up here in town and have watched his many years of service to the people of the town of Southington. Mike has 8 years of prior experience on the Town Council and 8 years of experience on the Planning and Zoning Commission. He currently serves as the chairman of the Parking Authority and the chairman of the Drive-In Committee. Mike is more than qualified to run for and hold a seat on the Town Council. Please come out and support Michael Riccio on Election Day.

Carmillia Kimmel, Southington

Work ethic


I write in support of Tom Lombardi for Town Council. My family has known Tom for over fifteen years and we have admired his maturity, integrity and willingness to help others, his leadership skills and willingness to sacrifice in order to achieve what was best for his team. Few young people today measure up to Tom’s consistent and admirable work ethic. I am confident that Tom’s commitment to Southington, and his willingness to listen, will make him an outstanding representative. I wholeheartedly support Tom for Town Council and urge voters of all parties to vote for him on November 5.

Janice Rustico, Plantsville



I’m writing to ask Wallingford voters to re-elect my husband, John Sullivan, to the town council. During John’s tenure on the council, he has worked hard to ensure that each of Wallingford’s citizens will be protected. He has fought to restore paramedic services to the town, supported the Board of Education at each budget session, and is always available to listen to your questions and concerns. He does not vote along party lines, instead choosing to vote in the manner which will best serve the citizens of Wallingford. He is a forward-thinking councilor. Vote Sullivan!

Suzanne Sullivan, Wallingford

Common sense


I am in support of David Salafia for Meriden City Council. It is not often we have the opportunity to vote for someone so dedicated and caring to the town we live in. You can’t lose! When it comes to working for what is best for Meriden, David will do what it takes to improve our town. He has a unique and broad outlook which allows for common sense results. I recommend you vote for David Salafia.

Rich Pasinski, Meriden

Answers questions


Dan Brunet has been an extremely attentive city councilor that answers all questions and addresses any issues, responding quickly to emails and phone calls. He always knows what is going on in the city, explains why he made decisions (big and small) and will continue to deliver positive oversight to Meriden. We can trust Dan because he has proven his capability and dedication to residents. Dan, thank you for enduring the Meriden Democrats’ continued absurd claims, distortion and attacks; keep representing the people. Please re-elect Dan Brunet and keep dishonesty out of Meriden government.

Bryan Uryase, MeridenHeadlinexxyy in columnx xxxxx over first letter xxx

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