More Readers’ Opinion, 10-21-2013

More Readers’ Opinion, 10-21-2013


Stop signs needed


Most politicians think only about two things: “Election and re-election,” exclusive of the citizens who voted for them. If you are dissatisfied with the people in office, and worse off because of them, it makes sense next month to vote them out of office.

There is a problem in front of Meriden’s Maloney High School: cars rapidly exiting. Their driveways come very close to hitting and injuring pedestrians walking by as there are no stop signs at the school. I have almost been hit by cars on several occasions who just about stopped for me in the middle of these driveways. I think it would be a good idea to install stop signs for cars exiting these driveways, and I called City Manager Kendzior’s office a couple of months ago suggesting this. I spoke with a woman there who said she would inform him.

This situation is an “accident waiting to happen.” Just ask the construction employee at Maloney’s renovation project who stands in front of the gate on Gravel Street, around 6:50 to 7:15 a.m. (the time frame I am talking about) when cars are most active driving into, and exiting, the school. He witnessed one of my close calls just this week. A police officer recently told me a traffic light was to be installed in front of the school; however, I still believe stop signs exiting the school are necessary for safety reasons. Just within the past week, there is a crossing guard at Maloney in front of the main driveway, but he alone can’t cover all driveways, and cars are still going way too fast.

Jean A. Hoffarth, Meriden

Political Opinions

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A letter (R-J, 10-18) outlined “out-of-town union endorsements (makes you wonder, doesn’t it?)” regarding Wallingford candidate Jason Zandri’s numerous union endorsements. AFSCME Council 4, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 478, Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 777 and the Building and Construction Trades Council of New Haven and Vicinity have all endorsed Jason Zandri for Mayor. Yes, they are all headquartered out of town. Having said that, they have hundreds Wallingford residents, families and voters. The IBEW Local 90 and Central CT Carpenters Local Union 24 are located in Wallingford. They also represent hundreds of Wallingford residents, families and voters.

Charlotte Ayers, Wallingford

Smoke and mirrors


Jason Zandri’s positions are smoke and mirrors. He complains about taxes, but has proposed nothing to address them. He wants tax deferrals for well-to-do seniors; the rest of us will pay more. He wants hundreds of thousands for computers, software, websites and staff. How will he pay for this? A 40 to 50 employee reduction is required to do all these things. Who will he terminate? Police? Fire? Town employees? Teachers? Why won’t he say? Zandri simply does not have the education, training, experience, or character to manage a town with a $140 million budget.

Barton M. Bauers Jr., Wallingford



As a firefighter in Meriden, I am making the responsible choice to vote for Bob Williams as my city councilor this November. Bob understands the importance of Public Safety and continues to fight for the best services possible. He knows and supports the adequate staffing necessary to save lives and the importance of the most effective equipment and apparatus. He is making the active choice to support the protection of the city residents. Allow him to continue that support by voting for him this November.

Robert Ragucaks Jr., Meriden



Meeting David Lowell when I was a teenager, I have had many years to learn that he is an honest, family-orientated, respectable man. David makes good decisions after listening and being educated on the issue. David enjoys helping others. He is one of the founders of the Spirit of Giving, a Kiwanis member and always thinking of how to help others. David has been doing a great job on the city council since he started in July, and I will be voting to keep him there. Please join me and vote for David Lowell for Meriden City Council.

Diane Morales, Meriden



I hope you will join me on Tuesday, Nov. 5, and vote for Larry Russo for Wallingford Town Council. His involvement in the Wallingford Little League and Holy Trinity School have shown his ability to be a leader. His many years of service to these two organizations demonstrated his ability to lead, calmly and efficiently. He will do the same as a member of the Wallingford Town Council. Please cast your ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 5, for Larry Russo.

Edward McCarver, Wallingford



In this two terms on the Wallingford Town Council John Sullivan has proven to be the voice of reason. As a lifelong citizen of this town, John has shown his love for the community by both his words and actions on the council. He has demonstrated the ability to tackle town issues both effectively and courteously. Please vote for John Sullivan on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Maureen McCarver, Wallingford

No nonsense


I am writing in support of David Lowell for City Council. He has a strong background in leadership and extensive business experience. I have known Dave for a long time and he is exactly what we need to help Meriden during this critical time of growth and improvement. His strong business skills, leadership and dedication will be an asset to Meriden. Dave approaches problem-solving by gathering all the facts and making a valued decision, cutting through the political nonsense. He has been involved with city projects and has given countless hours to disadvantaged children. Please vote for David Lowell.

Veronica Forrest, Meriden



I am a supporter of Christopher J. Palmieri for Southington Town Council. As I was involved with he Apple Harvest Festival for years, I got to know Chris. I am impressed with his dedication and attention to details. I am excited that he decided to run for reelection and appreciate his service to Southington. He volunteers his time in many capacities. In each case, he goes above and beyond expectations of the position. He is never too busy to talk or solve a problem with you. The perseverance and integrity of this individual is what Southington needs on the Council.

Lucy D. Leach, Southington

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