Readers’ Opinions - Nov. 10, 2013

Readers’ Opinions - Nov. 10, 2013


Election integrity


The integrity of the election process should be pure, unprofaned and inviolate here in Meriden. Absentee ballots in the last gubernatorial election were found in Bridgeport in a closet by a poll worker. Absentee ballots were found in a car trunk in the last senatorial election in Minnesota and helped Sen. Al Franken win an election. How do absentee ballots wind up in closets and trunks and then get counted for credit with those ballots cast by those voters who actually showed up at a polling place to vote?

Thomas Fitzgibbons, Meriden

Sincere thanks


I want to sincerely thank everyone who came out and supported me in my run for Southington town clerk. As you know, we fell short. Getting to know and meet so many great residents and reconnect with old friends has been my pleasure. And please continue to let your voices be heard. It is your town. Thank you again for all of your confidence in me. Sincerely,

Sandi Brunoli, Plantsville

Take back our city


Congrats to our new mayor on an election well run! And to Mr Rohde regarding your comment (R-J, 11/6/13) about how difficult it was to speculate what caused the loss, let me tell you this. People in Meriden are just tired of increased taxes and you people running city hall and spending our money like it is going out of style. We are in difficult times, and between the high schools and downtown, we will be paying for this in our tax increases in the very near future when the bonds are due. Yes, moving to the future is fine, but not when times are still bad and people are still out of work. Plus, you and some councilors, in my opinion, treat us citizens like you rule us. Respect is the key word!

I just hope the new mayor can bring the people back the trust in city hall which has been missing and maybe even start a change in the City Charter to allow us citizens the right to vote on projects since it is our money being spent and we need to have some say as to how our money is spent. We, the people of Meriden, need to take back our city and this is a start, I hope.

Ray Bednarz, Meriden

Public comment


I think it is a mistake for anyone to conclude that the Meriden election of Manny Santos as mayor indicates some kind of national anger against incumbents. I may be wrong, but I believe the only incumbent who lost was Mike Rohde. Having voted for Manny Santos myself, I voted for leadership that is open to allowing public comment that is not the farce it currently is at Meriden City Council meetings. Wouldn’t it be great to see public comment not limited to agenda items, included in the meeting and televised? Who knows, maybe we’ll finally get a city nepotism policy in place as well.

Colleen Cyr, Meriden

What is a veteran?


What is a veteran? Now that the elections are over and the phone calls and all the literature we got bombarded with over the last few weeks are gone, we can get back to our daily lives. We have the right to vote because of our veterans. We have the right for our freedom. Why? Because of our veterans and service men and women past and present. Veterans Day is Monday.

All of us should be thanking them for their service, whether it was the past veterans or our present service members. Our freedom would not be here is it wasn’t for them. We should be viewing the monuments on Broad Street and the Vietnam Monument in front of the Rushford Center on Paddock Avenue in Meriden.

What is a veteran? A veteran is someone who at one point in their lives wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America for any amount, up to and including their life. My dad, Joseph Tkacz Sr., was a proud World War II veteran and my brother, Joseph Tkacz Jr., was a proud Vietnam veteran. This makes Monday a proud moment for my family. In celebration of Veterans Day, I salute all of you.

Debra Belancik, Meriden

Heartfelt thanks


Heartfelt thanks to all who supported me in the Nov. 5 Southington election for Board of Finance. It goes without saying that I could not have won without you. I am indebted to you and will do my best to represent all Southington residents.

Sandra Feld, Southington

Staying tuned


Looks like the voters of Meriden have responded after its residents were advised to “stay tuned.” Congrats: Mayor Manny!

Alex Kazersky, Meriden

Book sale


I would like to express our thanks to the people of Cheshire for their generous support of the Friends of the Library Fall Book Sale. We received an amazing supply of books from individual donors. A dedicated group of year-round volunteers was able to present a well-organized, high-quality book sale.

Special thanks go to Bill Conroy for storing and delivering the donated books and to Cheshire Academy students for their help with the book sale setup. True community spirit! The funds raised will be used to sponsor special programs at the library.

We hope you will look for our Special Feature book sale each month in the lobby. We will hold a special sale of vintage books on Thursday, March 13, 2014.

The Friends of the Library, an organization of volunteers, pays for all library programming and the majority of staff professional development, as well as furniture, equipment and much more.

Pat Westrich, Cheshire

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