Readers’ Opinions, 11-14-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 11-14-2013


Thanks and kudos


As our Tootsie Roll Drive winds down the Knights of Columbus Council Two wish to thank all of those individuals and businesses who have generously donated to help the neediest in our community. Also Kudos to those Knights who stood in front of stores and churches to hand out Tootsie Rolls. A primary principle of the Knights is charity. By their actions these men young and old have proven their devotion to that principle. Now as the holidays approach do not forget the needy in our city and around the country. Even the simplest acts of charity may yield great rewards. Thank you and God bless you from the Silver Knights. (The writer is Past Grand Knight Trustee of the Silver Knights.)

John Dalton, Meriden

Just a photo op


We can expect a $150 million photo op with the mayor, the governor and DOT honchos! The Meriden Housing Authority is moving forward around Colony Street with its plans to develop residential and commercial property. It would seem to be a misappropriation of taxpayer funds under their claim of imminent domain, the taking clause of the 5th amendment. It would appear to be the reverse Robin Hood play, if you will. A taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

To frame their $150 million close up for the high fives, the agency uses the ole parking lot shuffle to fool the public. There is already about 325 spaces in proximity including nearly 250 spaces in the municipal parking garage. On any given day these are 60 percent to 90 percent empty except for 25 to 35 State of Connecticut cars always parked and unoccupied. And some empty city vehicles. But the MHA is proposing to build another garage with 319 spaces.

They want us to believe all this will make sense and revitalize the moribund downtown. And, of course, it involves moving a handful from Mills across the tracks, all of which is “to encourage a walking environment” to the high-speed rapid transit-oriented district. It hardly heralds the Second Coming!

Let’s wait a bit. If the Hub rehab is as successful as the politicians promise, private capital will flood the downtown. Maybe Jay Z and Kanye will display their wares.

Did I mention that this will be a $150 million photo op?

John Montgomery, Meriden

Master’s Manna


Thanksgiving is almost upon us. As Master’s Manna, Inc. gears up for serving over 700 families this holiday season we have so many reasons to be grateful, such as: Jennifer Souza, Ralph Proctor, Deanna Bencivengo, a garage, Tom Barberino, Paul Barberino and Choate students and faculty for making the “smash the van” a rousing success, raising $500 for Master’s Manna. Our deepest “thanks”!

Having food donated from local businesses, scouting troops, birthday parties (children collecting food in lieu of gifts), local farmers, orchards and many other sources allowed 52,134 pounds of food to be distributed during the month of October to 737 unduplicated adults, 529 unduplicated children, 199 unduplicated seniors; 1465 individuals received enough food to prepare 3 meals per day for 3.5 days per week for 2.5 weeks of the month which equates to 38,456 meals during October — 106 volunteers donated 1,637 hours; a 2012 car donated by Tom and Paul Barberino; having a facility where individuals can take showers, do laundry, see a doctor, have a hot meal and build relationship.

At Master’s Manna, we work to build a stronger community. With that responsibility comes financial need to pay for operational necessities totaling $11,870 per month. We are grateful for those who have so generously given of their time, talents and resources. Without continued financial support Masters Manna will be unable to meet the unmet needs of our neighbors. God bless you, and once again” thank you” to all who are making a difference right here, right now.

Cheryl A. Trzcinski, Wallingford

Great town


To the citizens of our great town of Southington: Thank you so much for electing me to the Planning and Zoning Commission. It’s an honor a privilege to serve on the commission and give back to a town that I was born and raised in. I especially would like to thank the Democratic Town Committee for having the confidence in me. My heartfelt thanks goes out to my family and friends that supported me by standing at the polls, made calls, let me put signs on your lawns and voted for me. While serving on the P & Z, I will listen to our citizens’ concerns and make wise executive decisions based on the towns rules and regulations. Thank you, again, and always remember to thank a veteran.

Susan M. Locks, Southington



I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support that enabled me to be re-elected to Southington Town Council. I am honored to have been elected to the Town Council in the past and am equally honored now. I am excited about working with this Council and am committed to serving our town to the best of my ability. I will proudly continue to represent the people of Southington for the next two years and am looking forward to working together to address the challenges that lie ahead. A special thanks to the Democratic Party and all the people who helped me throughout the election. I am very grateful for everyone’s support. As always, the people of Southington can e-mail me with any town issue or concern at Thanks, again!

Christopher J. Palmieri, Southington

‘Can’t beat him’


Congratulations are in order for Wallingford Mayor Bill Dickinson on his re-election to the town’s highest office. Mayor Dickinson’s landslide victory, as I had predicted, was no surprise and ensured the residents of Wallingford good, honest and superior leadership for the next two years. Dickinson has proved that he is one of the best mayors in the state of Connecticut. I would hope that if Dickinson decides to run for re-election in 2015, the Democratic Party in Wallingford would give him the “dual” endorsement he richly deserves and has earned. As is said, “If you can’t beat him, join him!”

John A. Young, Cromwell

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