Readers’ Opinions, 11-19-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 11-19-2013


‘Giving my all’


Thank you to Southington voters for my re-election to the Board of Education. I vow to continue to work hard, giving my all, for all children and our schools. Please know that discussion on any issues, big and small, facing our district is always welcome and appreciated.

Jill Notar-Francesco, Southington

Soap opera


Residents of Meriden, at what point and time are we going to demand more from our city manager and police chief? Every police department has problems but this department, being small to medium, my god, who’s in charge ? Who needs “General Hospital” we have are own soap opera right here in Meriden? The only thing we’re missing is a steroid scandal. Olivia Pope could not clean up this mess.

I would expect these problems from a bigger police department like New Haven or Bridgeport PD. Don’t get me wrong, I love Meriden and their police, but enough is enough. The bad apples are outweighing the good! If this was a farm, I would think the farmer would say “dangnabit” and re-crop. Between Sullivan and Houston, how much is that going to cost us taxpayers? It’s time to circle the wagons and bring in a new chief because this one appears to have lost control.

Meriden is too good to have a reputation of “police bullies.” We are a better city than this, people. Tasers — don’t even get me started, the first thing the chief should do is take them away and only allow supervisors to carry them. Thumbs up to the Record Journal for keeping us citizens in “the loop.” But what do I know? I’m just a concerned taxpayer and citizen expressing his views and beliefs.

Chris Dingwell, Meriden

A great town


Thank you to all of the Southington residents that put their trust in me by voting for me this past Election Day. I would also like to congratulate all of the candidates that ran for public office, as we all share the same goal of serving the citizens and the community. I am honored and privileged to serve on the town council and look forward to years of dedicating myself for the betterment of this great town.

Tom Lombardi, Southington

A proud town


I find the comments of councilors Economopoulos and Zandri interesting (R-J, 11-12). Blaming somebody other than Economopoulos for his failure to be re-elected. It was Councilor Sullivan’s fault? Or a town employee’s “friends and family”? Really! So I guess this means that the campaign platform was for “accountability” that only applies to others? Wallingford is a proud town and showed it on Election Day.

William E. Butka, Wallingford

Expanded day


I was confused by Patricia Barnes’s letter to the editor in the Record-Journal on Nov. 15 because she seemed defensive about the need to provide Meriden students with core academics, technology experiences, fitness and nutrition, social skills, and other essential tools to be productive members of society. I was pleased to read the flyer in the Record-Journal highlighting Pulaski’s progress. In regards to test scores, Pulaski’s data after only one year of extended learning has yielded positive gains in academics, attendance, and behavioral indicators. While we know school is much more than a test score, I applaud the Pulaski students, staff, and community for their tremendous progress.

Maybe Barnes should visit an expanded-time school in Meriden and experience the benefits for herself. Keep up the good work, Meriden Board of Education.

David Fordiani, Meriden

Many complaints


Community Lake dam ... Little League complex ... American Legion building ... Wooding-Caplan property ... municipal golf course, studied for over twenty years ... DEEP, hazardous material storage, water pollution, $25,000/day in fines ... Who is running this show? Bill and the R Team! Enjoy this next term.

Edward M. Kaminski, Wallingford

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