Readers’ Opinions, 11-21-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 11-21-2013


Liberty, dignity


I’d like to thank Jason Teal, President of the NAACP Meriden-Wallingford Chapter, for inviting Meriden Republicans to the annual NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner. I went with my wife and it was my first time at this event. As a naturalized American, forever grateful to this country for the opportunity to earn her citizenship, I appreciate how unique the American nation is. At the same time, I believe it’s important to remind ourselves once in a while how hard the road to full citizenship was that millions of native-born black Americans had to travel since the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. Because of this, foreigners are quick to paint America as an unjust society, but how many of them have a history where a nation had a civil war over the basic question of human liberty and dignity? And came out of it better? I don’t know of any others.

Besides some elected Meriden officials, there were others guests, like former State Senator Len Suzio, who was one of the speakers. Suzio is a member of Meriden Republican Town Committee and has held the highest elected office for the local party. It is always a guarantee that he will give a good speech. This time he stressed to NAACP members the opportunity to get involved on all sides of the political debate by working within the CT GOP. He mentioned Pablo Soto who, within a couple of years, shot up to a leadership position in the party by becoming elected as our State Central Committee representative.

Suzio talked about new camera technology that could show the true picture of what has happened when a taser is used, a topic of concern to the NAACP. Also present were Mark Greenberg who is running for U.S. Congress in our district and Manny Santos, our mayor-elect.

Martin Horsky, Meriden



This is in reference to the letter written by Ellen Rubell (R-J, 11-20). I would like to know if this woman even bothered to contact the police. She seemed more upset over the fact that this man spit on her car. What about the safety of those two children if she thought this man was drunk? Did she contact the police or write down the license plate number or just go into the restaurant to complain about the spit on her car? I would pray that she did contact the police, or that someone in the restaurant did.

Elizabeth Elliott, Meriden

Energy demands


Gov. Dannel Malloy and Dan Esty visited Meriden recently on a tour to sell their plan to bring natural gas to more Connecticut customers. This misguided attempt to lower energy prices and update the state’s energy infrastructure has the wrong goals. Natural gas may be cheap now but once it becomes the dominate fuel the price will rise. It also doesn’t live up to the claim to be “clean” and “safe.” Just ask the folks of Pawtucket, RI, where a house recently exploded or Springfield, MA, where buildings exploded last year. Or ask the EPA how the increase in methane emissions will affect our air quality. Or ask the people who can set their water on fire how they feel about CT using gas that was fracked from their land. If the governor truly wants to create a clean, robust and inexpensive energy grid, he would be using his influence to develop renewable energy like solar, wind or geothermal. A study by Mark Jacobson at Stanford shows that we can meet and exceed our energy demands with current renewable technology. The only obstacle is political will. I hope the current administration realizes this before we have a natural gas disaster in our state.

Ben Martin, Wallingford



I want to take this opportunity to thank the firefighters and police who responded to the fire at Merritt Station. Their work was phenomenal in evacuating people so no lives were lost and saving building 72 was miraculous. I especially want to thank officers Margaret Smusz, John Paul Dorais, Chris Owen, Mark Nowak and Sgt. Chris Fry who heroically entered building 72 to rescue people. My son Ken was one of the handicapped persons who was evacuated. Your experience and kindness is thoroughly appreciated by Ken and his family.

Richard Kupstis, Meriden

Attention given


We were in a car accident on Thursday, Nov. 14, and we wish to thank the Wallingford police, Yalesville Fire Dept. and paramedics for their quick response and attention given to us. Job well done! Thank you.

Norman/Mary Koeller, S. Meriden

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