Readers’ Opinions, 12-4-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 12-4-2013


New mayor, new trouble


Meriden’s new mayor, Manny Santos, wants to eliminate people who have been doing their jobs for years. They’re local residents who have lived here all their lives. He wants to bring in a lawyer from out of town (Glastonbury) to help him out. If his friend-lawyer is asked the location of Ceppa Field, North Broad Street firehouse or a local downtown Meriden business, he wouldn’t know where they were. We don’t need an out-of-town person commuting back and forth from Glastonbury.

I believe in keeping things local to support our people who pay taxes here in Meriden and who know their jobs. (Watch out, union people — you’ll be next. Once the ball gets rolling, it’s hard to stop!)

Republican Mayor Santos wants to change a person’s job if they’re not from his political party. It’s Republicans vs. Democrats all over again.

William J. O’Looney, III, Meriden

Defeat earned


I’m confused. Why is Nick Economopoulos portrayed as “a valuable civic leader” for his so-called “investigations” and “strong voice” (editorial, R-J, 11-26)? The Wallingford Housing Authority inquiry revealed only sloppy record-keeping and business practices needing improvement. Had he stopped there, that would have been a good thing. But his attempts to uncover nonexistent malfeasance, with forensic audits and whatnot, fizzled. The matter of contaminated wells was already being appropriately addressed. What did Economopoulos do besides jump on the bandwagon and make lots of noise? Among other things, he wanted the Town to unnecessarily “investigate” the contamination’s source and to buy two of those homes. “Dump gate,” like “Woodgate” and “WHA-gate,” also seemed to become a quest to uncover the crime of the century. I disagree with the assertion that it “led to a cleanup that otherwise might not have happened.” There was no indication that there was ever any intent for those street sweepings and other materials to remain there permanently. Discussion of this issue is incomplete without mention of Economopoulos’ utterly misleading PowerPoint presentation – followed by his refusal to answer pertinent questions about it – that backfired.

Instead of “valuable,” I’d call Economopoulos “expensive.” How much has he cost this town, in money and reputation, with his allegations and innuendo? From the voluminous FOI requests for “investigations” that led nowhere, to the WHA’s expenses for that “wholesale change of management” to the lost state grant? And for how much will taxpayers be on the hook for his legal defense in that defamation lawsuit that arose from “Woodgate”?

And then he blames a fellow councilor and fellow Democrats for his election loss? Should “reasonable people” be “excused” for thinking that Economopoulos earned his defeat? Because, after all, he did.

Patricia J. Kohl, Wallingford

Honored, humbled


I want to thank the residents of Southington for electing me to a fourth term on the Planning and Zoning Commission. I am honored and somewhat humbled with the amount of support I received on November 5, 2013. I wish to further thank the Planning and Zoning Commission for having the confidence in me to be selected Chairperson for a third, two-year term. I vow to continue to represent the residents of Southington and continue to make decisions that are in the town’s best interests.

Michael Del Santo, Southington

End bipartisanship!


Good ‘ole boy, slap-on-the-back politics continued in Meriden Monday night despite the outcry for compromise by newly elected Republican mayor Manny Santos. The ceremony took a turn for the worse after a well-deserved send off for councilor Tony Tomassetti and outgoing mayor Mike Rohde. The predictable and unfortunate events occurred upon completion of the swearing-in ceremonies where, in my opinion, orchestrator and puppeteer of the Democratic Party Brian Daniels defied Charter law, as I understand it, and forced his own agenda and appointments. Long of the short, the night ended as the PLA appointment did this past spring with Platt High School — majority rules (plus one). Bullying tactics and behind-the-scenes politics prevail again. Citizens of Meriden: Speak your mind! Do not let our city continue down this bipartisan path! We have in our grasp a newly elected voice that will not be heard without our support.

Andy Rich, Meriden

Safe holidays


From office parties to neighborhood gatherings, it’s the most wonderful time of the year to spend time with co-workers, family and friends.

With the season of celebrations well under way, it’s also a time to remember that the best celebrations start and end responsibly. The alcohol-distributing business for which I work once again encourages adults to enjoy the great times this holiday season by being or using a designated driver. Thanks to the help of designated drivers and increased law enforcement, the nation has made significant progress in preventing drunk driving. While that’s great news, there’s always more work to be done. All of us at my business wish our friends and neighbors a safe and happy holiday. Together, we can help keep our roads safe.

Tony Lota, Orange

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