Readers’ Opinions, 12-11-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 12-11-2013


Common Core


Regarding the Record-Journal’s recent piece (“Common Core stirs debate,” December 2, 2013): I was glad to read that the Common Core State Standards are being viewed as a positive development in Wallingford. As Board of Education member Michael Votto said, the whole nation can and should be on the same page when it comes to educating our children. Not every child lives in a neighborhood with a good public school, but we have a responsibility to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed.

The Common Core State Standards do just that — offer kids a level playing field. They also offer parents peace of mind that we’ll know how well our kids are gaining the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s world.

As Wallingford School District Superintendent Salvatore Menzo said, Common Core is resulting in “more depth to what students are learning at every grade level.”

That is how we will prepare Connecticut’s students for college and careers, and that is how we will give all of our children the tools necessary to succeed. That is how we will provide the quality education every child deserves, regardless of race, wealth or family income. (The writer is CEO at ConnCAN — Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now).

Jennifer Alexander, New Haven

Organ donors


I will write and ask you again to please check that box on your drivers license to be a organ donor and save someones life when it is impossible to save yours. My sister, Tracy Bossidy, who passed away from end stage renal failure in 2005, always encouraged people to be organ donors. To remember her and so many others, please give the gift of life as your Christmas present to someone when your life has ended — it will be your last wonderful deed to give someone a chance to live a long, wonderful life. Let’s make this Christmas the year you check that donor box and give breath to a life that may be ending.

Susan Bossidy Pagni, Wallingford

Left behind


I am writing this letter concerning early childhood education and all-day kindergarten. I went through the Wallingford School system as a child and later taught in the system for 33 years. One thing I did observe was the lack of skills in reading and math at a high school level. I often asked publicly how a student that had trouble reading at the high school level ever got to this level without this skill. I never got answers to this question at any level, but many of the students I taught hated school from the fourth grade on because they couldn’t read or do math at the fourth-grade level and felt left behind. I know that if we took the time back then to make sure these students could read and do math in grades preschool through grades 3, they might have learned to love school in their later years. I have always felt that money spent on early education was the way to success in later school years.

I applaud Mike Votto and his stand on early childhood education and all-day kindergarten. When one considers the benefits down the road to our young children and the town, the cost is minimal. The Board of Ed should be the policy-makers, not the Town Council in these areas. We can’t afford to have our young children hating school in their early years because they lack the skills to do the work down the road. Our first priorities should always be our children’s education and health. Our future is in our children. Many of us seniors that don’t have children in school now complain about education cost and forget that their children’s education was paid for by other seniors in the past who had already seen their children move on.

William Fritz, Yalesville

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