Readers’ Opinions, 12-18-2013

Readers’ Opinions, 12-18-2013


Season of



The Public Celebrations Committee produced another great “Seasons of Celebrations” in Wallingford on December 7th at the Town Hall and Johanna Manfreda Fishbein Park. While anxiously waiting to see Santa, children were entertained with Christmas carols sung by the Yankee Chorus, horse and carriage rides, a petting zoo and many elf houses with elves giving out gifts. A photo booth was provided by the Wallingford Center Inc. — refreshments and treats of hot chocolate, cookies and popcorn were available.

The children were greeted at the entrance of the Town Hall by two toy soldiers, Mayor William Dickinson and Sam Carmody. The expressions on their faces were priceless as they saw the decorations of snoopy, snowmen and gingerbread dolls in the snow covered surroundings, all leading to their visit to see Santa Claus.

Santa, Bob Parisi, and Mrs. Claus, Joan Ives-Parisi, greeted each child by name assisted by Santa’s Elves, Vikki Wall and Lauren Lucibello. As darkness approached, the “Frosty Parade” was lead by Frosty and Rudolph and all the children marching down Center Street to the gazebo. All joined in with the Wallingford Community Chorus singing Christmas Carols followed by Major Dickinson’s annual reading of “Twas the night before Christmas”and the countdown to the lighting of the town Christmas tree, generously donated by Sarah Lupoli.

Many thanks to all our volunteers from Sheehan High School, Girls soccer team, Rotary Interact Club, Wallingford Community Chorus, a local business, United States Sea Cadets Corp. Edson Division, Lt. Colin Bernard, Lou Ferraro, Steve Nevard, Choate Rosemary Hall, Connecticut Yankee Chorus, Wallingford Police Department, Wallingford Public Works Department (Frank Montefusco, Jeff Riccardi) and all the Public Celebrations Committee for their extraordinary contribution for another successful “Season of Celebrations.” (The writer is Chairman, Wallingford Public Celebrations.)

Lorraine B. Devaney, Wallingford

Across the aisle


As the end of the year approaches and the new administration looks forward to taking over the reigns of power in Meriden, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners and give my condolences to the opposite side.

The voters have spoken. I feel the past administration has done their best, as they saw it. The city is a better place because of them. At this time, I would like to suggest a couple of projects that are a long time coming:

1. Make the city landfill area available to the people of Meriden, at no expense. Our neighboring towns have this service. This city has long dismissed this as too expensive. How come they can find millions when they want to buy some old dilapidated factory or building but not a penny for the betterment of the taxpayers? It could only lead to a cleaner Meriden. Something wrong with this picture. 2. Oregon Road has a section without a sidewalk, between Wilcox Tech and a parking lot owned by the city. There are three schools that use this area, and students have to walk in the street, causing a very dangerous situation. Do we need a fatality before something is done?

Again I wish the new council and new appointments all the best in the coming administration and there new endeavors. I hope they put politics aside and reach across the aisle for a better Meriden.

Edward G. DeRosa, Meriden

Majority rule


Trust has been lost. I think that little of what President Obama says is believable. He is a Democrat and I believe that democracy is not what we want. In my opinion, majority rule will kill America. But, ObamaCare is just that, majority rule.

Robert W. Karlon, Wallingford

Strong and tall


It’s a great time for the city of Meriden now that we have elected a citizen mayor, one chosen by the people and not by special interests. I find it very interesting that our newly elected mayor, Manny Santos, on his own initiative, had an attorney examine the current and applicable city charter to determine his responsibilities and privileges as mayor. However, the corporation council, an attorney, sought an outside opinion also to the tune of $300 an hour for 10 hours. Was this $3,000 another expense on the taxpayer just to keep his Democrat-appointed job? I find it ironic that he accused Mayor Santos of making this political when, as I understand it, that is exactly how he got this job. I urge Mayor Santos to stand strong and tall for the people of Meriden.

Lois DeMayo, Meriden

Girl Scouts


In the spirit of the holiday, I would like to say thank you! Thank you to our 18,000 adult members of Girl Scouting who volunteered their time, resources, and giving hearts to changing the lives of 44,000 Girl Scouts across Connecticut. This dedication, hard work, and support is needed now more than ever, as we work together to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

For more than 100 years, Girl Scouts, with the help of a valuable volunteer force, has been providing girls with a safe environment to discover about themselves and their values, connect with others to develop healthy relationships, and take action in their communities to make the world a better place. While our cookies, camps, and sing-a-longs are the most recognizable part of the Girl Scouting experience, we continue to evolve to meet the needs of today’s girls.

We do this through a variety of exciting, relevant programming including robotics, science and technology, anti-bullying conferences, helping girls build a healthy self-esteem and lead a healthy lifestyle and – most importantly – we help girls realize their full leadership potential.

This is something the world desperately needs in 2014.

Girl Scouts across Connecticut would not have experienced this wonderful slate of programming without the support and dedication of our volunteers, staff and, most importantly, you! Thank you, once again, for making that commitment to our girls. I would like to wish everyone a safe, healthy holiday season and happy New Year. (The writer is CEO, Girl Scouts of Connecticut.)

Mary Barneby, Madison

Excellent work


To the Southington Highway Department: Excellent work this fall cleaning the leaves from our street. My neighbors and I placed a lot of leaves across the street from my house. The pick-up crew reached far off the road to get them all. Thank you — it looks great. In addition, kudos to the crew’s spreading the green de-icing material at our road intersections and traditionally slippery areas very early in the mornings. We appreciate the work you all do.

Glenn Klocko, Southington



After reading the issues raised in the Middlesex Community College Meriden Center article in Sunday’s paper (R-J, 12-14), the city should look into if the old Veterans Memorial Hospital could be used as a community college. It could provide plenty of space for class rooms, laboratories, meeting rooms, a book store, parking and future expansion, as needed. It’s just a few blocks from the police station and West Main Street.

Henry Holava, Meriden

‘It was caused’


Hurrah — many Meriden citizen-voters have awakened! Manny Santos’ election for mayor left people asking: “Why?” It didn’t just happen; it was caused.

Taxpayers are beginning to understand that we, the people, must take action to get “skin in the game.” For a beginning, attend Meriden City Council meetings and times for public comment.

Arline J. Dunlop, Meriden

Mayor dissapoints


I’ve been following the articles published in the Record-Journal and tried to ignore my annoyance with our new mayor.

I voted for Manny Santos for many reasons: I voted for a new face, new ideas — ones which I felt ran along my way of thinking.

I understood Santos was interested in developing the downtown area — evidently, I missed the bus. In spite of many efforts from my generation, the inner-city is a lost cause. That doesn’t mean it cannot be developed with young, fresh-thinking minds. We must think positive and look forward, not backward.

Mayor Santos is new to politics, and relatively new to Meriden. Santos disappointed me with his arrogant attempt to take over and dictate who will be in position to serve the city, as he determines. Santos lost me, for one, when, before being sworn in, he told Attorney Michael Quinn to resign. Santos attacked the wrong person. Mike is an intelligent, kind and respectful gentleman. I personally have never seen him attack anyone disrespectfully. He is aware of his position — which is to work with both parties and keep the city out of trouble.

As mayor, I would hope Santos would attempt to put his ego aside; he will learn a lot from Attorney Quinn, particularly humility.

As a lifelong resident of Meriden, I hope to see our city makes a comeback in which the citizens can once again find pleasure in meeting young and old people in a pleasing environment.

Barbara Sokol, Meriden

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