Readers’ Opinions 12-31-2013

Readers’ Opinions 12-31-2013


In poor taste


Its a shame that First Amendment rights often overshadow the right thing to do. Re: “Close to Home” cartoon published Dec. 19, 2013. The cartoon shows God throwing lightening bolts at children with the caption “At God’s Firing Range.” I can’t think of any scenario of this being amusing and I’ll never understand the printing of this only a few days after the one-year anniversary of the Newtown tragedy.

Tim Lombardi, Meriden

Temper tantrum


I read, with interest and concern, the Dec. 26 editorial and the opinion of Len Suzio underneath it. I remember the Mayor Grossman years with dismay, and while there may be some disagreement in the reading of the city charter on the matter of appointments, the recent lawsuit initiated by the Republican Town Committee, the leader of We the People and, in my opinion, by extension, our new mayor, makes them all look like petulant children. The mindset of our do-nothing, obstructionist Congress has arrived in the Silver City.

If there is a lack of clarity in the city charter, it should be addressed in an appropriate way, not via a taxpayer-subsidized lawsuit. The litigants look foolish bringing this suit, and the mayor looks like a child, insisting on his way. At the end of the day, the appointments being squabbled over were approved by the elected council and the mayor had the majority of them on his own slate. This is the minority party having a temper tantrum and asking the taxpayers to pay for it. Grossman years, here we come.

Ann Cerreta, Meriden

Throw them out


I’m glad Mayor Manny Santos has filed a lawsuit, Meriden has been too long controlled by Democrats who waste taxpayer money, take care of their buddies and do not care about the taxpayer. It’s about time Meriden is taken back from the greedy Democrats who enrich themselves and their buddies on the taxpayer dime. I hope in two years when the rest of the Democrat councilors are up they are voted out too.

Brian Welskopp, Meriden

The Grinch


It must take a person with a huge ego to think that he could be elected to a “ceremonial mayor” position and insult so many good people within 30 days.

On Christmas Eve, John Benigni was served legal papers by a sheriff in front of his children, then on Christmas Day he helped serve Christmas dinner to hundreds of people in our city, who otherwise may not have had a nice meal that day. David Lowell helped provide Christmas to many families who have suffered tragedies in their lives this year. It was shameful that this extraordinary person was insulted on Christmas Eve, or any day in that way!

I am sure David Salafia, Philip Mangiaracina and William Kroll did not enjoy this experience either.

Manny Santos and those who participated in these actions should be ashamed of themselves. Please don’t insult anyone further by denying that you were involved. Your name was thrown into the election to hold the Republican Mayor position on the ballot, and you may have made one good statement during the election that encouraged people to vote for you, but you definitely should have researched the position that you were running for. Stop insulting everyone in this city with your selfish actions. I sat down with you personally and expressed my opinion of your behavior the first week you were in office. Since you have no intention of listening to anyone trying to keep the peace, I am expressing my opinion publicly. The citizens of this city want to move forward in a positive manner. You promised to vote on the side of the taxpayers. I am sure us taxpayers do not want to spend money on your frivolous lawsuits against good people who really “get it” when it comes to helping our city. Shame.

Betsy Lowit, Meriden

Duck Dynasty


The A&E Network has seemingly done its best to tap into the expanding underbelly of the lowest segment of the American society. Many of their so-called “reality shows” express marginal groups with limited intelligence and attempt to portray them as typical citizens. From their web page: “A+E is looking for talented candidates who are passionate about fulfilling our mission of creating entertainment that celebrates the human story.” Seriously?

What have we celebrated with the Duck Dynasty fiasco? Are we to accept what right-wing politicals claim: where an intolerant and hurtful diatribe meets with a reasonable and corrective response, then the correction itself is proclaimed to be intolerant, irrespective of the now-lost narrative? Is this not the continually convoluted logic the rigid-right has claimed while falsely asserting to speak for the overall majority?

Phil Robertson does not speak, intelligently or otherwise, for the majority of Americans. His strained and accepted perspective of celebrating the black human story has a sanitizing effect that discounts the extensive suffering for a large and meaningful segment of society. This would almost suggest Hitler’s henchmen never mistreated their Jewish citizens because he was not there to personally witness it. It is as if history begins and ends within the poorly focused eyes and ears of Mr. Robertson. It would also appear that ignorance and bigotry are alive and well while celebrating the human story at A+E. And just what are the lessons learned from this experience? Can it be, as so long suggested, that money remains the root of all evil or may we now propose that all evil is eventually trumped and rendered acceptable by sufficient sums of money? This gross transformation is taken to the apex of a true art form and one that A+E has mastered with both double-speak and an open hypocrisy.

Del D. Gomes, Southington

He will be missed


After over 30 years on the Meriden City Council, Tony Tomassetti’s presence will be truly missed. He was such an advocate for Meriden’s public safety. The police and fire departments will miss his advice. He is the only council person I know that election after election was endorsed by both political parties. He always did his best in helping people who asked for his assistance. As a former Democratic Town Committee chair, I was proud that Tony was a Democrat, but he was a City Council person first. Party was never an issue. He will be missed on the Council, but I am sure he will continue to work for the city he served. He is a man that I am proud to call my friend, and I wish him happiness and good health in his retirement from the Council.

Frank Cirillo, Rocky Hill

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