Readers’ Opinions, 1-5-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 1-5-2014


An awful year


I think 2013 was just an awful year — particularly so for middle-class folks (and also for people not even in that age range). I squarely blame the leadership of our government at nearly every level.

In a recent editorial, a reminder was given that elected officials work for the constituency. They should not be perceived as the source of power. Instead, they’re in office to serve. It’s a good point for every level of politician to etch this thought in mind. I, for one, believe that both tax relief and efforts to produce good jobs can be generated at all levels of government, public or private. This needs to be the focus of a new Meriden, Connecticut, USA.

Connecticut does not need to be the most expensive state in which to reside. Connecticut needs to be a state that middle-income people can afford to live in.

Please, council people, state representatives and members of Congress: Know who you’re working for.

Happy New Year!

John Francis, Meriden

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