Readers Opinions, 3-13-2014

Readers Opinions, 3-13-2014


Complainers, bashers


Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party members at national, state, and local levels constantly complain and criticize just about anything and everything, yet rarely offer their own solutions. Case in point: At the recent public forum to present new plans for the downtown traffic changes, Len Suzio jumps right in with his complaints and misstates what has already been presented in previous meetings about the plan (see R-J news story, 3-12). Seems like Suzio can never find anything good to say about Meriden.

Speaking of complainers, there is chronic Democratic basher Brian Welskopp (see, for example, R-J letters, 3-6) who rails about taxes in his numerous letters to the Record-Journal. My understanding is that this guy lives in an apartment and doesn’t drive a car, so his complaints about taxes ring rather hollow.

Maybe it is time to get more positive about good things happening in Meriden — the new downtown park, new plans for the long awaited downtown traffic improvements, new train station, new parking deck, newly renovated high schools, new Linear Trail, plans to take down the Mills housing project, new C-Town grocery store to open in the spring, plans for new housing units downtown, and new improvements to City Park.

Despite the complainers, there is much to celebrate about our community.

Michael S. Rohde, Meriden

Disappearing jobs


While the discussion on raising the minimum wage brings interesting political and media coverage, the real discussion should be about why employees only have skills that qualify them for minimum wage jobs. Advances in technology and robotics in the near future will make many of these jobs disappear. The politicians should be asked what they plan to do when machines take away these jobs by doing them faster, safer and less expensively than we humans can at any rate of pay. Please don’t be surprised when all you get back is a blank stare. Maybe robots can even replace politicians one day.

Robert G. Wiedenmann Jr., Wallingford

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