Readers’ Opinions, 3-20-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 3-20-2014


Credibility lacking


On 3-6-14, a Record-Journal opinion letter by writer Brian Welskopp said three things: 1. Meriden City Manager Larry Kendzior is overpaid. (Really? He should check what others make.) 2. He (the City Manager) wants to punish taxpayers with another tax increase. (Nothing cost more than last year? Really? Check again.) And lastly, taxes should be cut in half. (Any misguided person can say that!)

My question is, what would Welskopp like to eliminate: Fire department? No. Police department? No. Public works? No. Board of Education? No. A person suggesting a tax cut should, for credibility, state where, why and how to do it — but they never do.

Ron Bridgett, Meriden

Why stay?


Well, letter-writer Laurence Morgenstein has nothing good to say about Wallingford (Readers’ Opinions, R-J, 3-18). How sad. Many people, like me, think Wallingford is a wonderful place to live. I have a comment and a question in response to his letter. My comment is that if he looks around and nothing looks right, he might want to clean the lenses he is looking through.

Morgenstein asks why anybody would move here. If he’s so unhappy with this town, my question is: Why does he stay here?

Sharon Sanders, Wallingford

Drug disposal


There has been a great deal of publicity in Wallingford about a “drop box” for prescription drug disposal, and I applaud and support the proposal. But citizens should be aware that there are other options, as well. Too often, we keep drugs around the house that have outlived their usefulness; the drugs have expired, and/or the reason for having them in the first place no longer exists. For the safety of everyone in the home (especially if there are children), these drugs should be disposed of. But how?

Many drugs can be disposed of safely and legally by utilizing the trash disposal system. Drugs must never be flushed down a toilet or sink, and must never be placed in the recycle stream. With that said, there are safe methods for disposing of unwanted drugs. Not all drugs can be disposed of along with everyday trash; but many can. Individuals should visit the State of Connecticut website to read the document that provides instructions on how to dispose of drugs using the trash disposal stream. In addition, several “big box” drug store chains have disposal programs available at minimal cost.

I hope this helps everyone become aware of the options available for safe and legal disposal of unwanted drugs until such time as Wallingford has the wisdom to implement a drop box; even then, these alternate methods can continue to be used as well. If you have drugs in the house, whether prescription or OTC (especially if you have children in the house), look at the expiration dates on all of the drugs, cull out those that have expired or no longer have a use, and get rid of them. And I don’t mean just human drugs — look at your pets’ drugs, as well. Then, repeat the process every month.

Jim Krupp, Wallingford

Book sale


The Friends of the Cheshire Public Library book sale team would like to extend thanks to the many people who help us support the library. Through your donations of gently used books, we continue doing our part to “reduce, reuse and recycle.” Your amazing donation of “older” books led to our first ever Vintage Book Sale on March 13. Due to the efforts of our wonderful volunteers we made over $2,000. All funds will be used to provide special programs at the library. Thank you for your continued support.

Patricia Westrich, Cheshire

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