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Readers’ Opinions, 3-30-2014

Minimum wage: a free ride


When I was young and unqualified for anything more than pushing shopping carts in a store parking lot, I did my best at that job. I didn’t hang around talking on the phone or visiting with my friends while working. I earned the pay I got (which is a lot less than one makes today). What this and my parents taught me is: advance, do better. But above all, do your job, no matter what it is.

I understand one cannot survive (or a family) on less than $10.10 an hour — I couldn’t either, so I worked 2, sometimes 3 jobs while going to school. No handouts. My work values came from my parents, as well as my own values. This was the best they gave me — not money not a fancy home or clothing. I learned to get by on my own — hard work and the Golden Rule. I never got in trouble because I respected my family and friends.

Wake up! The free ride should be over.

Carole Golitko, Wallingford

Much talk about bus shelters


There is much talk lately about Wallingford bus shelters.

One item is about what style should be used for the downtown shelters. The fancier ones would probably look better as they would be in line for what is envisioned as the “style” of the town. I don’t think the people that use them really care one way or the other.

The other item on this agenda is a shelter to be located near a Rt. 5 chain store. The land where this is to be located is state land, and now, for some reason, this becomes a problem.

Why? From what I understand, this is a very small parcel and would serve no real purpose other than to house a shelter for commuters. The chain store claims to be a good neighbor, and many of these bus-users shop at their store. If this store were to build the shelter, the cost mentioned (R-J, 3-27) would be $6,000. And they seemed to be (at one time) willing to do this. Enter their lawyers. The idea got shot down. Apparently being a good neighbor is no longer an option. (The CEO of the company has probably lost more than $6,000 while fishing out a stick of gum from his pocket!)

The bus makes a stop in front of a grocery store not too far away. And this store in question has a sheltered area at its right-hand end. Could this be considered? Nothing would have to be built and, in the long run, more convenient to their customers.

If the bus company is willing to modify its route, this might be the easiest solution. There is a traffic light that would allow the bus to enter and exit, and nobody would have to cross Rt. 5 on foot.

Much safer.

Kevin Coane, Wallingford

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