Readers’ Opinions, 4-15-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 4-15-2014


Christie’s caper


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who I never cared for, has done what many elite groups have done — hand-picked fellow cronies, lawyers, investigators, to prove him 100 percent innocent of the George Washington Bridge-gate caper. Journalists are having a field day with this. CEOs, the very wealthy, doctors, usually have the luxury to fill courtrooms with their own investigator friends, fellow workers; forget victims — they take the back of the bus, they don’t matter. Sure, it’s usually who you are. Law enforcement gets to investigate their own, as does the military.

Usually, depending on who you are, you can get away with much. Example: aside from Christie, a military general accused of sexual harassment is facing no jail time. If it had been a poor soul in a big city that had no connections with big shots, they’d be going to jail (and jailers will throw away the key). You’re just out of luck.

Let’s talk about loyalty. The team that would do anything for Chris Christie (and they did) were fired and thrown under the bus by this wannabe 2016 presidential candidate. So much for loyalty.

When you’re super ambitious and have many aspirations like he has, most people are secondary. If the tables were turned and Christie was Miss Kelly and Weinstein, and a few others, he would have done anything not to get fired. Fortunately, he’s not in that position.

Like I said, big shots like Christie think about saving “number one” first — everybody else is just collateral damage. People who need people don’t act like this. Do you really want this guy, Chris Christie, as your president? There must be better options.

Nick Piccolo, Southington

That awful smell


An area movie theater uses a strong cleaning solution which is terrible; the acrid smell of their cleaning solution is sickening and we cannot tolerate it any longer. I can only imagine that people who have asthma or any breathing problem must suffer when they sit in that building for hours at a time. I reported this problem to the health department and maybe some action will be taken. The theater should be able to use one of the green, organic cleaning solutions on the market that would do the job but without the awful smell.

Helen Marotto, Wallingford

For the children?


Last year in Meriden, a drunk driver rear-ended another vehicle, resulting in the death of two children and serious injury to others. Mere weeks ago, a pregnant woman from South Carolina drove her van into the ocean, attempting to kill herself and her three children. Last week, a Florida man caused a car to drive into a daycare, ending the life of one child, and injuring 14 others.

Over the last year, we have heard members of our legislature cry out that they will do anything, “for the children,” “in memory of the children” and “for the sake of the children.” And yet, in the wake of the above tragic situations, all we hear from Hartford is the chirping of crickets.

I do not hear any of them proposing to ban automobiles that have four wheels (allowing you to keep your “four-wheeled death machine” in your garage but, out in public, it is only three wheels or less). I do not hear any of them proposing to forbid the buying of gasoline without a license (after all, no gas for your death machine, there will be less car accidents). Further, I do not hear any of them proposing to ban windshields for autos (after all, what do you need one of those for, it merely allows you to go faster and you can just wear sunglasses if the wind hurts your eyes).

Ridiculous, you say? No more ridiculous that the recent gun control laws proposed and passed by Len Fasano and John McKinney, who conspired in the darkened hallways of our state Capitol to take out their aggressions on inanimate objects owned by law-abiding citizens.

But then again, it is “just for the children” isn’t it? Or, perhaps just legislative hypocrisy and anti-gun intentions, capitalizing on their hand-picked senseless tragedy.

Craig C. Fishbein, Wallingford

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