Readers’ Opinions, 4-23-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 4-23-2014


Necessary services


I just read the article in the Record Journal (4-19) “Wallingford councilor questions process for funding nonprofits” regarding Master’s Manna.

I was appalled to see one of our own town councilors going to such lengths to question such a giving organization as Master’s Manna. I want Craig Fishbein to know that, as a woman of Wallingford’s community, I not only give to Master’s Manna on a regular basis but also make them a Christmas-styled four-foot ginger bread house every year. I have seen on a personal basis where the donations go to the families of Wallingford and surrounding communities. Master’s Manna runs on a shoestring budget in order to never turn anyone away and feed and clothe as many as they can with the donations and money they receive.

Has Fishbein ever spent any of his personal time to know the work of Master’s Manna? If not, he might want to go there and donate his time or effort to see the families they help, just in one day. Then he can “make sure there is oversight to ensure the services provided to the community are necessary.” I believe that after the day is over, he will reconsider any concerns about Master’s Manna’s funding.

Mayor Bill Dickinson “gets it” about Master’s Manna, which is one reason why he has been in office for over 20 years.

Sherry Rimkoski, Wallingford

PUC and mayor


I would like to thank the residents of the city of Meriden for the opportunity over the last ten years or so to be a part of (and the current chairman of) the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). I have worked hard on behalf of the entire city to improve the quality and reliability of our drinking water with our cleaning and lining projects, tank and reservoir projects, watershed land acquisition and installation of new public water mains to serve our residents.

I have also worked hard to protect the Quinnipiac River and waters of the state and city by supporting our wastewater treatment facility upgrades, numerous collection system upgrades and the elimination of septic systems, along with installation of public sewers in areas where septic systems have failed, or will, and may pose a public health issue.

That said, I would like to add that it is hard to believe Mayor Manny Santos has the ability to appoint residents to commissions that he does not know what the commission does, or has ever attended a commission meeting. He has been invited to PUC, and has never showed up!

I guess that is like the rest of what he has done since being so surprisingly elected. Hopefully, he won’t show up for the rest of his term.

Raymond Gradwell, Meriden

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