Readers’ Opinions, 6-6-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 6-6-2014


Uninformed mayor


Forget the policy against nepotism, we need one against stupidity and not using common sense.

The newly formed task force for the certificate of compliance program is a joke. What will 19 people accomplish with only 5 meetings? A group that size is not effective. I e-mailed Councilor Daniels suggesting a member of the Neighborhood Rehabilitation Advisory Board be on the task force. This board hears the appeals for those cited for blight and housing code violations, so it would make sense that someone from the NRAB be on the task force.

So, who is the person from the NRAB? Yes, it is a current board member, the former chair, the one who is suing the NRAB! The membership for the task force is stacked against the program. To be on a city board or commission, you need to be a Meriden-registered voter. So, who is on the task force? Two landlords who live out of town and are not registered voters in Meriden. Yet another double standard.

Some want to re-invent the wheel, whereas the vehicle only needs alignment. It is not surprising that people do not get more involved in the city government when you see this type of favoritism and bias, it is truly difficult to stand up for what is right, only to be knocked down.

On May 15, I met with Mayor Santos, at his request. The guise of setting up the meeting was to discuss the NRAB — it was not; it was to discuss the C of C program. The man sets up a meeting, misrepresenting the topic to be discussed, then — come to find out — he never even met with anyone from the housing department to discuss the program. This does not sound like someone who wants to make informed decisions.

Heidi M. Boyd, Meriden

Care for vets


I don’t know why people are complaining about the veterans facilities. I stay at the Rocky Hill vets home, and I go to the West Haven facility to see my doctors (several times). I think they are all the best. They have taken care of me for years.

Sure, there’s a few downers here and there, just like any other place — that’s just normal. Hey, I get three meals a day (and coffee all day). So what? Some days your meal isn’t to your liking. One person doesn’t like this, and one person doesn’t like that — no big deal. They have a few (necessary) rules we don’t like — get used to it! They’re doing the best they can under the circumstances. You can’t beat it anywhere.

My first three months were free, and for the next five years, I’ve only paid $200 — where are you going to beat that? Also, if they give you a work assignment, they pay you for it. I was in the Korean War, and I’m proud and thankful to receive the help I’m getting now. God bless the vets!

John L. Lamb, Rocky Hill

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