Readers’ Opinions, 6-10-2014

Readers’ Opinions, 6-10-2014


Noble act


When I read stories about the release of an American prisoner of war, my mind goes back to an earlier time.

I read the book “Faith of My Fathers,” by Sen. John McCain. One fact is very clear. During the Vietnam War, McCain was shot down and became a prisoner of war. His captors offered to release him, but only him. The other prisoners would continue to be held. He declined, saying he would not accept release until all were freed together.

It was a noble act, and this is a good time to reflect on it.

Lawrence P. Crowley, Meriden

Wallingford taxes


The practice of this administration in Wallingford to pay cash for capital items that should be bonded is hurting taxpayers. That’s like paying cash for a new car or house addition. Each year we spend millions of dollars on “Cash for Capital” and this drains operations money from general government and education. The fiscal year 2014-15 budget calls for spending or allocating about $4.5 million in that way. Proper bonding of this amount would have eliminated the need for any tax increase and would actually have grown the surplus.

One outcome of this practice is the need to raise more taxes year in and year out to make up the shortfall created. We need smarter financial management from our leaders, or we will continue to see ever-increasing taxes.

Paul Ciardullo Sr., Wallingford

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