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Readers’ Opinions, 6-13-2014

Rockin’ Cats


Hartford Rock Cats baseball will rock. Those cats will rock! The relocation of the team to Hartford is a win-win for the city, as well as Connecticut. New Britain will continue to host plenty of baseball games; they will be played by universities, colleges, high schools, technical schools, youth leagues and scores of other types of teams. Hartford will receive a huge economic boost, as will its tiny suburbs. Local universities and colleges will be abuzz as the Rock Cats groom talented prospects for major league baseball. Let’s not forget that the future hall-of-famer Jeff Bagwell excelled at the University of Hartford. The new busway connecting New Britain and Hartford will shuttle fans efficiently to the games. Folks from working class cities and wealthy suburbs will actually have conversations on the buses. Holy cow — it’s a win-win-win-win-win!

Joseph A. Zaborowski, Meriden

Failed efforts


On Tuesday, June 10, there was a glimmer of hope in America. Eric Cantor, the Republican Majority Leader in Congress was defeated by tea party candidate Dave Brat in a primary election in Virginia. This country has suffered greatly under the current Obama administration. The liberal ideals put forth by this president and his underhanded minions have resulted in unemployment numbers not seen in this country since the Great Depression. They shade the true unemployment numbers by not counting the millions of Americans who have given up looking for jobs. I believe they boast of unemployment numbers below 7 percent when in fact the true number is closer to 15 percent. For Black and Hispanic Americans that number is substantially higher. They used the IRS, the most feared government agency on the face of the earth, to deter tea party organizations from raising funds to oppose Democrat cronies in the last election cycle. They have poured billions of taxpayer dollars into failed efforts to support green energy. In their failed foreign policy, they I think they have lied about Benghazi, where our ambassador and other Americans lost their lives. Obama heralded the VA health program as a prime example of government-run healthcare when he proposed Obamacare. We all know how that worked out. Obama has refused to secure our borders. Today, your tax dollars are being spent to aid over 60,000 Mexican and other Central American children sent by their parents in the past few weeks to a land where “stuff is free.” None of this is free. We all pay for it. Democrats and Republicans who are “Democrat lite” need to be defeated. Virginia selected a man who stands for a government that is smaller, spends less, frees businesses from regulation and creates jobs. Wake up, Connecticut!

Tim Roy, Wallingford

Excellent care


On June 6, I attended a special memorial service honoring patients of the VA Connecticut Health Care System, West Haven, who had passed away during the months of January through March, 2014. The 5 p.m. service included a special butterfly program and reading of their names. My husband, Dennis Donovan, was one of those honored. It was a very impressive service, put on by the palliative care unit (on their own time) — just another instance of the compassion and caring of the staff at the VA. They were always there for us: primary care, ER, surgi-center, all the various clinics and, especially the last year, an APRN of the palliative care unit — just a phone call away. Dennis exceeded his life expectancy with his struggle with cancer for 6 years, which I believe was due to the excellent care at the VA.

Eileen Donovan, Wallingford

Safe city


On behalf of the Lower Eastside Watchdogs Neighborhood Association, I, as Captain, would like to thank Sgt. John Mennone, Sgt. George DelMastro, and our Neighborhood Initiative Unit Officer Christian Rodriguez for the recent tour of the police department and presentation of the Meriden P2C web site. There was positive feedback from all who attended on how informative and well-equipped our police department is. We appreciate all the officers who work to keep the city of Meriden and our citizens safe.

Diane Kubeck, Meriden

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