State police urge safety

State police will have an increased presence this holiday weekend with patrols and offering tips to keep residents safe.

State police began Operation C.A.R.E. (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) at midnight Wednesday through midnight on Dec. 1. Troopers will supplement patrols with checkpoints and additional roving patrols looking for drunken drivers and target aggressive and unsafe drivers.

Thanksgiving eve and day are the busiest traffic days of the year and troopers remind drivers to slow down, stay off cellphones and don’t drink and drive, according to a statement from state police.

Troopers will be using “non-traditional” patrol cars to observe traffic and issue tickets to “reckless, distracted drivers.” Residents are urged to call 911 if they see a suspected drunken driver.

State police are also reminding residents to be aware of the fire hazards that come with the holidays. Cooking fires almost double during Thanksgiving.

Some tips to stay safe include checking smoke detectors prior to family and friends arriving in the home, having a working fire extinguisher, and not to wear loose or dangling clothing or jewelry while cooking. People are also advised not to leave the cooking unattended and to keep decorations away from the stove.

Candles should never be left burning while no one is home or while sleeping, state police said.

“With fire-wise common sense, you can make sure tragedy does not come between you and the Thanksgiving festivities you have planned,” Lt. Paul Vance of the state police said. (203) 317-2225 Twitter: @LaurenSievertRJ

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