New billing system may end years of operating losses for Southington sewer plant

SOUTHINGTON — Town officials blame a broken billing structure and an aging wastewater treatment plant for the repeated sewer rate increases that failed to match revenues with expenses every year since 2006.

The plant’s operating costs exceeded its revenues by $1,619,000 last fiscal year, the largest loss since 2008.

This month, the Town Council approved new sewer rates and a new billing structure. Residents will be charged a flat fee in addition to a rate per hundred cubic feet of water used. Town officials say this will make the system more fair since bills will more accurately reflect water usage than the former system.

Bills will be based on meter readings, a system used by most surrounding towns. Previously, Southington used estimates of water usage for billing.

Read more about the sewer plant’s financial difficulties in the Sunday edition of the Record-Journal.

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