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Wallingford Building Permits

WALLINGFORD — The following building permits have been issued:

C & M Construction, 10 Whispering Pines Drive, replace deck, $12,850.

T. Connolly, 51 Simpson Ave., strip/reroof, $3,800.

Skyway Restoration, 2 Aldon Lane, strip/reroof, $4,200.

Skyway Restoration, 33 Jones Road, strip/reroof, $4,500.

Yves Ouette, 17 Town Farm Road, bathroom, $6,900.

Ricardo Remodeling, 15 Jones Road, roofing and siding, $25,850.

Jim Petit, 10 Cooper Ave., woodstove, $2,000.

Zbi Jankowski, 11 Terrell Farms Way, bathroom, $1,000.

Dee’s Roofing, 16 Park St., strip/reroof, $6,795.

Technical Construction, 7 McKenzie Ave., roof, $4,300.

Lawrence Hogan, 185 Chimney Hill Road, renovations, $80,000.

First Best Builders, 50 Cooper Ave., roof, $4,000.

Hunter’s Pool Inc., 3 Harnish Road, pool, $12,000.

Mike Hill, 1125 Yale Ave., pool, $5,000.

Dave Musso, 230 Main St., shed, $1,500.

Dave Musso, 230 Main St., porch, $6,000.

Gregg Harrison, 56 Simpson Ave., repair, $3,000.

Macri Roofing, 2 N. Main St., strip/reroof, $70,000.

Luigi Mozzicato, 731 N. Colony Road, fit out, $22,000.

DiGiorgi Roofing, 47 Clearview Drive, strip/reroof, $23,645.

Giovanna Jezima, 27 Sharon Drive, shed, $3,246.

Krista Sartori, 52 School House Road, deck, $3,700.

Josh Pattberg, 39 Mellor Road, roof, $12,000.

Our Lady of Fatima, 382 Hope Hill Road, tents, $4,224.

Andrew Dwyer, 7 Pelloni Hollow, deck/shed, $12,500.

Verizon Wireless, 945 E. Center St., antennas, $7,500.

Verizon Wireless, 20 Alexander Drive, antennas, $5,000.

Verizon Wireless, 35 Thorpe Ave., antennas, $6,000.

Verizon Wireless, 340 Quinnipiac St., antennas, $10,000.

Michael Caruso, 4 Patton Road, renovate, $8,000.

Branford Roofing, 62 High Hill Road, strip/reroof, $10,464.

Frances Cummings, 302 N. Colony St., repair, $4,000.

Christopher Magnan, 743 N. Main St. Ext., roof, $3,000.

DiGiorgi Roofing, 2 Franks Court, siding, $3,338.

Crisma Construction, 49 Spice Hill Drive, repair, $9,475.

Crisma Construciton, 51 Spice Hill Drive, repair, $5,742.

Crisma Construction, 52 Spice Hill Drive, repair, $6,609.

Crisma Construction, 57 Spice Hill Drive, repair, $4,666.

Crisma Construction, 58 Spice Hill Drive, repair, $4,666.

Crisma Construction, 59 Spice Hill Drive, repair, $4,666.

Crisma Construction, 60 Spice Hill Drive, repair, $4,666.

John Sabatucci, 3 West View Drive, wood stove, $500.

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