Accident on I91S by exit 15 has one lane shut down, two other accidents in Wallingford

WALLINGFORD — Fire crews are responding to three separate accidents around town, two of the accidents on Interstate 91 S, causing the left hand lane to be closed by exit 15.

Battalion Chief Joseph Czentnar said the first accident was on I91S between exit 15 and 16 and involved one car. One person was transported to Yale New Haven Hospital due to the high speed of the accident and concerns about internal injuries, Cznetnar said.

The second accident was on Quinnipiac Street, and only a minor injury was reported with that accident.

The third accident occurred on I91S by exit 15 in the lefthand lane, and there is no information yet about the injuries with that accident, Cznetnar said. That accident has the left hand lane shut down, Czentnar said.

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