Board will consider cutting school days from end of the year

WALLINGFORD — The Board of Education may eliminate four days at the end of the school year so students don’t have to attend until late June, according to School Superintendent Salvatore Menzo.

For the 2013-14 school year, students are slated to go to school for 184 days. Teachers must work at school for 189 days, as per contract agreements, Menzo said. State law requires a minimum of 180 days for students.

This year’s school calendar allows for eight snow days, tacked onto the end of the year. School has been canceled eight times due to weather so far.

If is school is canceled more than eight times, days are taken out of April vacation.

The last day of school is slate for June 30, the last day the state will allow students to attend.

To prevent students from having to attend until June 30, Menzo said the board could cut this year’s school calendar by four days, reducing it to 180 days.

Teachers would still report to school for 189 days.

The Board of Education won’t take up the issue until next month, Menzo said.

Last year the board voted to make the last five days of a school a half day.

Board of Education Vice Chairman Joe Marrone said he wouldn’t be opposed to shortening the calendar.

“My concerns at this point is that we’re not out of the woods yet with the weather. We have a little bit more time before we’re out of the snow season,” Marrone said.

“I’m not opposed to it. It’s something we’ll probably have to take a serious look at.”

Marrone’s children are also students in the town’s school system and attended school last year until late June.

The children come home more tired than usual because of the heat, Marrone said, “but I’m sure it’s stressful for everybody to be in there when it’s so warm.” (203) 317-2235 Twitter: @EricVoRJ

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