Wallingford police warn of recent rash of truck battery thefts

WALLINGFORD — Police urge businesses and residents to be vigilant after officers noticed a rash of truck battery thefts recently.

Since January, Wall-ingford police have investigated at least six cases of batteries stolen from trucks parked in industrial businesses after hours, Lt. Marc Mikulski said. The most recent case was on Friday on Main Street in Yalesville, where a total of six batteries were taken, Mikulski said.

Mikulski said the problem is in other communities as well. Scrap yards are currently paying between 25 to 37 cents a pound for vehicle batteries, Mikulski said. “As the scrap price for vehicle batteries continues to hold stable or increase in value, we expect this theft trend to be an increasing concern for businesses and law enforcement,” Mikulski said.

Businesses are advised to secure trucks in a locked area, if possible, and park vehicles in a well-lit area that is visible to passing traffic and neighboring businesses, Mikulski said. Police also recommend locking the truck’s battery box or parking vehicles with the battery boxes next to each other, making accessing the boxes impossible without moving the trucks, Mikulski said.

Mikulski said talking with neighbors is an important way to prevent thefts.

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