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Wallingford doughnut shop ready for National Doughnut Day

Wallingford doughnut shop ready for National Doughnut Day

WALLINGFORD — Neil’s Donuts has all hands on deck for National Doughnut Day on Friday.

“We bring in two or three extra people,” said owner Neil Bukowski. “Thursday night, I’ll have a couple of people here about 6 p.m. and they’ll work five or six hours just to get a head start on everything, go home get some sleep, and then come back again.”

National Doughnut Day is celebrated annually, and falls on a Friday this year. Bukowski said he expects a busy day.

“Oh yeah, it’s crazy,” said Jeff Petit, an employee who worked National Doughnut Day last year. “The line is out the door, every minute of the day.”

Last year, Neil’s Donuts sold 400 dozen doughnuts on National Doughnut Day. This year, “I am expecting 500 dozen,” Bukowski said. “Everything has increased a lot this year, judging by Mother’s Day, which breaks records for doughnuts every year, we sold about 120 dozen more this year than last year.”

The 500 dozen doughnuts or 6,000 individual doughnuts expected to sell Friday will be made by hand at Neil’s Donuts.

“Our doughnut is bigger...we cut and slice our doughnuts and put a generous amount of filling, a generous amount of topping on them and I think that’s why people keep coming back,” Bukowski said. “The doughnut has to be light and fluffy and hopefully we accomplish that.”

There will be the regular 36 to 40 different kinds of doughnuts on the shelf, including favorites such as cinnamon and sugar, glazed and Boston crème. Workers at the doughnut shop, located at 83 N. Turnpike Road, will be ready for the rush.

“Just get here early, get what needs to get done, done,” Petit said of his work routine Friday. “Then just let the line flow and do what we do.”


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