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Presentation on historic, perhaps haunted, homes in Wallingford

Presentation on historic, perhaps haunted, homes in Wallingford

WALLINGFORD — A team of paranormal investigators will be sharing their findings with the public next week after visiting two historic homes in town.

Rose Porto and her team at Connecticut Spirit Investigators will present photos, videos and audio recordings gathered during two overnight visits at the Nehemiah Royce House and two nights at the Franklin Johnson Mansion.

The event is scheduled for Oct. 14 at The Library Wine Bar and Bistro, 60 N. Main St.

The Royce House, 538 N. Main St., was built in 1672 and the Johnson Mansion, 153 S. Main St., was built in 1886. Both are owned and maintained by Wallingford Historic Preservation Trust.

Jean Garcia, Wallingford Historic Preservation Trust board member, said the investigators visited the Johnson Mansion in June and the Royce House on Sept. 30.

Psychic medium Chrystyne McGrath spent a combined 10 hours between the two homes last year.

“We were interested to see what they found versus what she had experienced,” Garcia said.

Connecticut Spirit Investigators is a Hamden-based group of 11 people from the New Haven area. Porto said this was the first time the group visited Wallingford’s historic homes, although they have visited private homes in town and other historic sites around the state.

“The process usually starts with researching the land and history of home,” she said. The group spends the entire night in the house, taking photos and recording audio and video.

Garcia was present for all four visits.

“We were lucky with the (historic) homes,” Porto said. “Jean (Garcia) was able to answer any questions right away.”

She said the group believes they captured paranormal activity, and is still processing what they gathered.

At the presentation, Porto said the group will share their findings in Wallingford, explain more about their equipment, share findings from other cases the team has done, and will answer questions at the end.

Garcia said last year’s paranormal event drew about 75 people. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/wallingfordhistory.

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