GIRLS LACROSSE: In the thick of a tight battle, you’ll find the Blue Knights

GIRLS LACROSSE: In the thick of a tight battle, you’ll find the Blue Knights

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SOUTHINGTON  — Southington girls lacrosse took a 3-5 mark into Thursday’s game with Glastonbury, but that record does not truly indicate how the Blue Knights have performed on the field so far this season. 

“The last couple of games have been tough loses because we have lost by only a few goals,” said Southington coach Jill Pomposi. “What beat us was the other teams were capitalizing on our mistakes than we were on theirs.”

Southington’s games have been so close that, cumulatively, through Tuesday’s 16-11 win over South Windsor, the Blue Knights had scored 85 goals while allowing 86. 

A 12-11 win over Farmington and a 10-8 loss to Stamford are indicative of the types of games the Southington girls have played so far this spring. 

“It’s really hard because we are competing,” said Pomposi. “We need to be a notch better on one or two things every other day. We are trying to control the controllable. You can control your stick, your mouth and what you are thinking: Focus on doing those things well.”

Pomposi noted that she is very happy with the way her team has acted in the face of adversity. They have kept their heads down and controlled what they can control. 

“When things aren’t going our way, we do an awesome job of not getting snappy,” said Pomposi. “I think we are very professional on the field. We have to know that really helps us sometimes.”

Offensively, the breakout scorer has been freshman Natalie “Talie” Richardson. The rookie had five goals and one assist against South Windsor. Hers has been a repeated name in the Southington scorebook this season.

“Sometimes it’s hard for freshmen to get that confidence to go to cage often; she’s a scrappy player,” said Pomposi. “She’s a super-competitor; she smells the ball. She is getting her voice out there, which is exciting.”

Also with a five-goal, one-assist performance against South Windsor was Emma Doran. The sophomore was proficient in her appearance on the attack, considering she hasn’t had as many scoring chances this season being a midfielder. 

On the back end, senior Julia Wells looks to be a good fit for Southington in between the pipes. Wells made some strong saves in the win over South Windsor and even had the confidence to knock down some passes outside the crease and contribute in that way, along with blocking shots. 

“She really helped start the attack,” Pomposi said of her goalie’s clearing ability. “She was a little more mobile than usual, so it was good.”

Southington competes in the CCC North conference alongside Glastonbury, Avon, Hall, Conard, Simsbury, Farmington and South Windsor. The Knights are 2-2 so far in their division, which is also a bright spot for Pomposi. 

“The last couple of years we have only won one game in our conference side,” said Pomposi. “We’ve already finished better in our conference now and we haven’t even finished. We still have Conard, Glastonbury, and Avon, so that’s a positive.”

So what does Southington need to do to make those 10-8 games turn in their favor? How do they get the bounces to go their way?

“To just be a little bit smarter sometimes,” said Pomposi. “We have been playing smarter, but there are still moments where it’s like, ‘Oh, my, why did we just do that?’ To be a little more confident, to continue to make the right play and to continue to play as a team, because that is when we are successful.”