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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Higher taxes,fewer services


In a recent letter to the editor, Tim Grady berated me for voicing an opinion about tolls.

I don’t like the idea of paying tolls but since there was no plan it was a waste of our time.

Prioritize Progress, the $65 billion Republican plan for roads, would have our children and grandchildren paying higher taxes for 30 years.

RTC chair Anne Reilly, did you forget? Under Republican control, our taxes have gone up the last four years, and what have we gotten? Nothing! Services have been cut, teachers have been laid off and our streets and bridges need repairs.

Karen Pagliaro

Had enough?


At this year’s Berlin Fair the Republican booth had a large sign which asked “Had Enough?” That’s a good question.

Had enough of annual tax increases accompanied by cuts in services?

Had enough of proposed budgets rejected by 90 percent of voters?

Had enough of constant threats to cut school programs?

Had enough of driving out town managers and other officials?

Had enough of childish personal attacks when others disagree?

Had enough of Republican officials failing to condemn hateful and bigoted remarks by public officials?

Come to think of it, I have had enough. Time for a new mayor and council.

Juliann Collazo

I’m with Pagliaro


In her letter to the editor last week, RTC chair Anne Reilly praised the accomplishments – or lack thereof – of the mayor. But if he was doing such an incredible job, why is she leaving town?

I am embarrassed to admit that I am a former Republican town committee member. The same people who lied to the taxpayers about keeping taxes low, are now fleeing town after all the damage they have done, leaving the hard-working patriots of Berlin to clean up their mess!

Vote for Karen Pagliaro on Nov. 5 

Frederick Morley

Be vigilant


According to the FBI, the reason seniors are most susceptible to fraud, especially that originating over the phone or computer, is that people raised in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s were raised to be trusting and polite. While these are wonderful traits (and in short supply!) those default personality traits sometimes allow bad people to exploit them.  

Simple things, applied consistently, will keep you from getting taken advantage of. Something sound to good to be true on the phone or email? Trust me, avoid it. Someone need your credit card immediately to lock in a great deal right now? Hang up. Someone want to send you a prize or gift, but just needs your credit card to cover shipping? Hang up!

That is not how real businesses operate, and the IRS, your bank, the Social Security Administration will never ask you for that information over the phone. If someone does, you guessed it, hang up.

If you think you have been a victim of computer or phone fraud call the Berlin Police Department immediately. Don’t be embarrassed. Let out detectives get you justice and prevent it from happening to another person. 

Your Berlin Police Commission (Chairman Paul Eshoo, Joe Annuziata, Ryan Zelensky, Dave Rogan and myself) works closely with Chief John Klett and our dedicated police officers to keep everyone in town – young and old – safe. With your help and vigilance, we can do it.

Steven Wilson
Vice Chairman,
Berlin Police Commission



Again the Democrats are using a scare tactic in hopes of winning your vote. They have stated in campaign material that “If we stay on this dangerous path, regionalization will be inevitable.”

The fact is that the proposed regionalization bill did not pass by the end of the legislative session on June 5. This mandate from the state won’t and can’t happen since the bill was not passed. It’s not possible for it to be “inevitable.”

Please ask yourself if you want leadership that gives false information that’s misleading and uses scare tactics. I know I don’t!

Vote Republican in November!

George Millerd


Facts first


No tolls.

I’m hoping that is not what the Republicans are going to hang their hat on for you to vote against Karen Pagliaro for mayor. Why? Because rather than box ourselves into a position based upon no facts, Karen chose to wait for the facts.

Karen is a nurse by training. That means that when you come to her with a sneeze, she doesn’t say let’s cut off your nose and wait for the results later.

Really, Mr. Grady?

Vote Karen Pagliaro for mayor on Nov. 5.

Ryan Erickson


Pick Democrats


When looking at the current Republican mayor and council members, the question of whether they have the best interest of the community or their own political agenda has already been answered.

Consider that the Republican mayor and council pushed through  proposals to dramatically alter our Town Charter – with a series of proposals that reduced the voice of Berlin voters. Now, after the new bi-partisan Finance Board would not rubber stamp its flawed budgets, they have discussed changing the Town Charter yet again.

I will be voting for people who say what they mean and do what they say. Vote Democrats.

Bruce Laroche


Congested enough


Did I miss the traffic analysis on the new proposal of building new construction near the Berlin railroad station? Has the state DOT approved the vehicle traffic that will be exiting and entering into an already-congested Farmington Avenue? The avenue is mostly two-way traffic, and I envision horrendous traffic jams if this proposal is approved.

Secondly, with all the vacant commercial space in Berlin, why add more commercial space? Should the town purchase the Matson property for possible use as a community and senior center? Just think of the additional traffic that would be generated.

It looks like Farmington Avenue should be a four-way roadway, but that will never happen!

William Wixon


Friend to veterans


In May and September of this year, House of Heroes CT, a volunteer organization that provides home repairs and renovations for veterans in need, completed work on homes of two veterans who live in our community. Some of the renovations included putting in a handicap walkway and replacing a rotted deck.

It was great to see Mayor Mark Kaczynski come to these events and personally speak with our veterans and thank them for their service.

Mayor Mark is also very appreciative of the work that House of Heroes volunteers perform.

 Thank you Mayor Mark for supporting our veterans. 

From another Berlin veteran,

Rick DeDominicis