Berlin cleaning up diesel leak

Berlin cleaning up diesel leak

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BERLIN — The town is cleaning up a diesel leak discovered last spring while an underground fuel tank was being removed off Woodlawn Avenue.

The scale of the leak from the 1,000 gallon underground tank is not yet fully known. The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has been notified and a contractor has been hired to remove contaminated soil.

The underground fuel tank was used for a generator that powered pumps connected to a 2 million gallon water tank. 

“I don’t think it’s substantial, but there’s no way of telling how much product was lost, because the tank itself was old and had some corrosion,” Berlin Water Control Manager Ray Jarema said.

Crews were able to extract 400 gallons from the tank.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection did not return calls for comment.

The removal of the fuel tank and generator was the first stage in the disassembly of the entire Woodlawn Avenue facility. The expense to remediate the leak is dependent on the amount of diesel in the ground, however, Jarema estimated the cost at $22,000.

“It’s not a huge cost, but it is an additional cost we didn’t anticipate,” he said.
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