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Retiring dentist says practice is in good hands

Retiring dentist says practice is in good hands

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After practicing in town long enough to see two generations lose their baby teeth, Dr. Michael Tosatti has handed control of his dental practice off to his associate of five years.

"People have been extremely kind in terms of appreciating what I've done, for all the years I was here for them. Appreciating the fact that I found someone as nice as Dr. Matus to take over," Tosatti said.

Dr. Samantha Matus, who was hired in 2014, purchased the practice from Tosatti and has been running it under the name Matus Family Dentistry since January.

A Berlin resident, Matus said she was attracted to the business’ small-town feel and Tosatti’s approach to dentistry.

"Over a few years I saw that he treats patients the same way I do, so it was a good fit. Patients were used to that kind of method," Matus said. "If I want a whole hour with a patient to work through something, I can take that time and really make sure the patients are comfortable with what's happening.”

Tosatti and Matus have been working on the transition for some two years, with the aim of making it seamless for their patients, Matus said.

Said Tosatti: "I wanted to make sure if I was to drive by here in 10 or 15 years, that I could feel pretty proud still of what's going on inside these walls.”

Tosatti had been thinking about retirement for some time and wanted to find someone he could trust to care for his patients. Matus fit the bill. "Having found that, I wasn't about to let her walk through the door,” he said.

While he is looking forward to spending more time with his family in retirement, Tosatti isn’t in a rush to leave the practice, which he moved to Berlin from New Britain 23 years ago. He will continue seeing patients two days a week and can cover for Matus as needed.

"Sam was ready to take that next step and I was ready to step back a little bit and let her do that,” Tosatti said. “People really appreciate the fact that I'm still here. I think there's a comfort level, even though they don't see me every single day they know that I'm still around. They trust Dr. Matus 1,000 percent."
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