Little library installed at train station

Little library installed at train station

Little Free Libraries are a global phenomenon. The small book exchanges number 60,000 around the world in 80 countries — from Iceland to Tasmania to Pakistan.

Now, a Little Free Library can be found at the Berlin Train Station; joining the movement to share books, bring people together and create communities of readers.

The Little Free Library, sponsored by the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library, returned to the Berlin Train Station last week.

The mini library had previously lived at the old train station; however, renovations forced its temporary removal.

Now it's back and better than ever.

Train riders of all ages can feel free to take a book whenever they travel. It will be maintained and restocked by both librarians and volunteers.

The library staff wishes to thank the Friends of the Library for their purchase and upkeep of the LFL, the town facilities department for the construction of the stand and installation of the library and Amtrak employees for their support.

-- Press Release