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Goodwin valedictorian is headed to UConn

University of Connecticut-bound Megan Lukaszewski was named valedictorian at E.C. Goodwin Technical High School in New Britain. 

A resident of Berlin, Lukaszewski was president of the National Honor Society at Goodwin Tech, volunteered at school events, and competed in soccer, basketball and softball.

Lukaszewski and the Goodwin Tech Class of 2023 graduated on June 19.

While she studied carpentry at Goodwin Tech, Lukaszewski now plans to pursue a degree in the medical field. She said seeing her late grandfather suffer with the effects of Parkinson’s disease pushed her in that direction. Lukaszewski described her grandfather as ”the most influential role model in my young life.”

“I saw him as my hero and as an individual that I wanted to be like one day,” she added.

Lukaszewski said, “My experience witnessing him suffer ultimately was the driving force in my passion for helping others.”

Because of her grandfather’s illness, Lukaszewski spent a great deal of time around healthcare workers, and witnessed the positive impact they had on her family.

She said, “Through my desire to go into the medical field, I can positively use my experience to pay forward the warmth and comfort to my future patients.” 



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