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Foreign student thriving in Berlin

Italian teenager Sofia Gobbi is enjoying high school life in the U.S., and American culture in general.

“I like the food here in America. There is always a Starbucks everywhere," said Gobbi, an exchange student attending Berlin High School.

“And the pizza is good," she added, "like at Sliceworks,” a popular local hangout.

Gobbi also is thriving in school here in the States. The 17-year-old said, in Italy, “education is really strict. You learn through textbooks and exams, and that’s it.”

Berlin High has a more hands-on approach to learning, which she appreciates.

Gobbi's American adventure was made possible through the Education Travel & Culture program, a non-profit which matches exchange students with host families.

Jessica Gutierrez, Education Travel & Culture senior field manager, said host families will often participate in the program more than once, as the experience is so rewarding.

Gobbi is staying with the DiDomenico's in Berlin, and the family has been happy to see her making friends, trying new things and seeing new places.

“Sofia came here and within no time acclimated very well,” host mom Stefania DiDomenico said. “She is super smart, her English is perfect, and she managed to fit in great all-around. She is having a great year and looking forward to what the next few months will bring.”

Gobbi is not the only foreign student currently enrolled at BHS, and others, from Germany, will be arriving soon for a short stay of about three weeks. To learn about becoming a host to a German student, visit nwise.org.



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