Startup aims to prevent food waste, make animal feed

BERLIN — Located at 76 Fuller Way, the green startup Bright Feeds aims to limit food waste by diverting it from the waste stream and converting it into high-quality feed for animals.

Bright Feeds says its operation can save businesses and municipalities money, while also doing right by the environment.

Company CEO Jonathan Fife and President & COO Tim Rassias run the 25,000-square-foot Berlin plant, which opened in the fall of 2022. 

“This was very interesting to us, and we did some investigating in the area to learn more about it," Fife said of the business concept which would become Bright Feeds.

According to its website, Bright Feeds is one of the only food recycling companies in the U.S. "to accept all types of food waste from a variety of businesses across the food industry." The company, which has a collection point in Massachusetts, envisions its nutrient-rich products replacing animal feed made of soy and corn.

"Using cutting-edge AI and drying technology, developed with engineers at Boston College and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Bright Feeds has brought food waste processing into the 21st century with an energy-efficient process that is carbon-negative," Bright Feeds states on its website.

Along with Connecticut, the company’s service area also includes Massachusetts, as well as New York, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.


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