Students recognized for efforts in and out of the classroom

Students recognized for efforts in and out of the classroom

A group of seniors was inducted into the Berlin High School chapter of the National Honor Society in November. They are: Jordan Barber, Kelly Brett, Julia Cocozza, Alexis Dascher, Evan Greenwald, Mahad Khan, Joshua Malcarne, Muzayna Pulatova, Greg Wadinger, Hunter Wicklund, Marcel Wolanin and Alexander Yeung. 

In order to receive this honor, the inductees worked hard to maintain a cumulative, weighted grade-point average of 93.0 or above. Also, the distinguished students were recognized for their leadership in extracurricular activities and in the local community.

Chapter president Jenna Smalley, vice president Audrey Feldman, treasurer Adam Kajzer and secretary Abbie Rochette spoke of the inductees' demonstration of the four pillars of the National Honor Society: service, character, scholarship and leadership. 

Smalley discussed the service component. “Volunteering helps students engage with the community and create memorable relationships,” she said. “Everyone being inducted into this chapter of the National Honor Society today has demonstrated service in their lives so far. Your dedication and passion for helping others is inspiring.” 

In her comments, Feldman spoke about the importance of character: “Character is speaking up when someone drops a 20 dollar bill. Character is doing the dishes when your parents are stuck late at work. Character is standing up for someone in the whirlwinds of gossip. Character is stopping to help someone, even if you’re late to an exam,” she said. “Though these small acts rarely merit recognition, they have the potential to change the world.” 

Speaking of the inductees’ success in the classroom, Kajzer said, “Scholarship is a trait that has been demonstrated by these inductees way before high school, and it will continue to grow with them after they pass through these doors for the last time,” he said. “All of those late nights, those cramped hands, those overstuffed folders and notebooks did not go unnoticed.” 

Rochette tackled the subject of leadership. “A true leader is a person who acts as a role model, no matter the surroundings. A person who can give people the meaning and motivation to persevere,” she said. “Whether you have acted as leaders in an academic, athletic, professional or community setting, you are all leaders in some shape, way or form.” 

Jack Carroll is a senior at Berlin High School and a member of the BHS chapter of the National Honor Society.