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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Never thoughtI’d see it


I never in my life thought I would see what’s happening.

Everything closed. Stores with empty shelves. Men needing haircuts and women needing their hair and nails none; but no luck.

People walking around with masks on. Everybody looks like the Lone Ranger (remember these days on TV?)

However, we blame China. Not the Chinese people; it’s the government of China. From what I understand, they knew about this virus in October 2019. They tried to hide it. We all know that.

If this is still bad, or comes back, maybe school will not be able to start in September. If that happens on Trump’s watch, I know two people that will be be happy: Nancy and Chuck. You know who they are.

We all hope science comes out with a vaccine for us by then. Those masks will be hot to wear in the summer at 85, 90 degrees.

Keep healthy and safe.

Henry Pustelnik, Berlin

A big thank you


The residents of Marjorie Moore Senior Complex, Berlin, received a call from Tina Doyle, director of the Berlin Senior Center, that a meal was being delivered on Sunday, April 12 by the Italian Political Club in Berlin.

The meal was enjoyed by all.

We also received another call that pizza was being delivered on Thursday, April 23.

I just want to express our thanks to all who donated their time to do this for the residents of Marjorie Moore. It was well-appreciated and hope we can repay them in some way.

To all of you who were involved: A great big thank you!

Rose Garuit,